30 + Healthy Recipes for Moms

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Looking for healthy recipes to power you through motherhood? Whether you are a new mom, trying to conceive, pregnant, breastfeeding, or in the middle of growing your family, you can find inspiration on this list of healthy recipes for moms.

All of these recipes are clean eating and based on real foods without artificial ingredients. Most are also gluten free, as well as Whole 30 and Paleo friendly. You’ll find lots of recipe options for every type of meal so that you can nourish yourself through the childbearing years and provide healthy meals for your family.

Moms need extra nutrition to grow healthy babies during pregnancy, postpartum and while breastfeeding – to keep yourself in good health, and to nourish your babies. And in between having babies, to get ready for the next.

These are all healthy recipes that are also family friendly so that you can feed everyone well!

Let’s get started!

Clean Eating Pregnancy Recipes

What to Eat When Breastfeeding

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Breakfast Recipes

Having a healthy breakfast in the morning is a must for Moms. Skipping breakfast just makes it harder to get through the day.

Pregnant? Check out these pregnancy breakfast recipes!

These make ahead breakfast recipes to freeze are also good options for a clean breakfast.

Healthy Dinner Recipes

Easy, tasty and healthy recipes to try for dinner. Check our healthy dinners for the week here.

Need tips for healthy eating on a budget? We’ve got you covered!

Healthy Snacks for Moms

Healthy Side Dishes

Check out more of our favorite collections of recipes for Moms!

Recipe Ebooks for Moms

Our ebooks have recipes to help make the time after having a baby easier.

Need breastfeeding friendly recipes? This ebook has 12 freezer meal recipes that support breastfeeding and healing postpartum.

Healing Freezer Meals for Postpartum and Breastfeeding

12 no cook healthy freezer meal recipes + grocery list + tips on how to freezer meal prep.

Homemade Breastfeeding Snack Recipes Ebook

Easy lactation snack recipes you can make at home with foods that support breast milk supply.

Pregnant Mom Recipes

Healthy Pregnancy Recipe Roundups

Recipes for Breastfeeding Mom

Breastfeeding Smoothies & Drink Recipes

Lactation Cookie Recipes

Breastfeeding Recipe Roundups

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