Preparing for bringing home baby? Need meals for breastfeeding?

Make freezer meals that will help you heal faster postpartum AND produce quality breast milk!

Need breastfeeding friendly recipes? This ebook has 12 freezer meal recipes that support breastfeeding and healing postpartum.

Your guide to stocking your freezer with breastfeeding friendly foods
for only $9!

After having a baby the last thing you will want to do is cook! But you will definitely want to eat and need to eat!

Childbirth is one of the most intense physical events most of us will ever experience. If you’ve done it before, you know!

During the first few days postpartum you are not only trying to heal, but also adjusting to life with a new baby AND establishing the foundation of good health for your baby by breastfeeding. 

This can be a very joyous time, but also a very stressful time. Especially if you haven’t prepared.

Make Postpartum Easier

Less time wondering what to eat! Less stress over not having food in house! Less eating out = saves $ + healthier

Focus on Healing Foods

All meals are on centered on foods that boost quality milk supply and contribute to healing postpartum

Easy Recipes

These recipes are family friendly and super simple to put together following the step-by-step shopping list and prep sheets

What's included?

12 freezer meal recipes with prep and leftover suggestions, a grocery shopping list, 5 bonus recipes and 8 pages of tips for making your meals a success.

Healing freezer meals for postpartum and breastfeeding - includes 12 recipes, grocery shopping list and tips plus 6 bonus recipes

Get the Ebook Healing Freezer Meals for Postpartum and Breastfeeding Now!

Only $9!

All these meals are gluten free + dairy free

with easy adaptions for Whole 30, Paleo or Vegetarian diets

Make all of these freezer meals and you have 2 weeks worth of meals to help get breastfeeding started RIGHT!

Customers reviews

What Moms are saying...

What a treasure! The recipes are delicious and so healing! Meals from the freezer are a life-saver during the roller-coaster postpartum days. I love how Lisa includes herbs to nourish you and increase your milk supply while providing a list of herbs to avoid.
Mom of 4 and Author of Understanding Morning Sickness as a Gift
Thank you Lisa for creating such a convenient tool for moms to use. This ebook is the perfect guide for helping postpartum women heal their bodies and maximize breastfeeding. I love the gut healing ingredients you use and the avoidance of any inflammatory ingredients. This guide is simple to use and the recipes are tasty and family friendly. I highly recommend it to postpartum women and anyone looking for a easy tool for healthy eating.
Mom of 4 and Doula
What a wonderful cookbook!! I just got it, even though I'm almost two weeks postpartum, since these recipes will definitely help me be efficient while breastfeeding a new baby!
First Time Mom
Bravo Lisa!! AMAZING work!!! I love it, it's clean, clear, beautiful, fun to read, personable and I'm excited to try the recipes too!!!:o) Great job!!!! Wow, truly lovely.
Mom of 2, Musician, Artist, Blogger at 10ThingsYogaMama

Did you know...

That avoiding certain foods can help make breastfeeding easier?

That eating certain foods can help your body to heal faster?

That by nourishing your body you can create an abundant milk supply?

This ebook is designed to make eating healthy nourishing foods easy so that you can rest, heal and produce quality breast milk.

Each recipe is based on anti-inflammatory foods, gut healing foods and milk supply boosting foods.

Breastfeeding Freezer Meals Recipes

Here’s what’s Included:

7 Chicken, 2 Beef and 2 Vegetarian Recipes
3 with vegetarian option

1. Chicken verde
2. Super simple beef roast
3. Balsamic Dijon chicken 
4. Rotisserie chicken
5. Hearty Chicken and Kale soup
6.Fennel Lentil Stew
7. Thai Coconut chicken 
8. Mediterranean chicken 
9. Chicken noodle soup 
10. Mexican Beef stew
11. Chickpea curry

Bonus recipes:
Bone broth 
Slow cooker black beans 
Coconut rice
Spanish rice cooker quinoa
Lactation Energy bites

This ebook is for...

Moms who intend to breastfeed

Pregnant Moms adding another baby

Postpartum Moms struggling with milk supply

Moms who already eat a healthy diet and would like to continue postpartum

Moms doing extended breastfeeding who need easy nourishing meals

Busy Moms who want to feed their family healthy meals without the stress

Someone interested in helping a mom have an easier postpartum

Birthworkers, Doulas, and Lactation Consultants who want to help postpartum Moms figure out what to eat

Making pre baby freezer meals? Make freezer meals that actually support breastfeeding and healing. 12 recipes with leftover suggestions and a grocery shopping list!

Make your postpartum easier with these Freezer Meals designed specifically for breastfeeding and postpartum healing!

Only $9

Includes 12 freezer meal recipes,
5 bonus recipes, tips,
prep instructions and shopping list!

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