9 Instant Pot Pregnancy Recipes

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Do you love your instant pot? Looking for some healthy recipes to try during pregnancy? The instant pot is the perfect kitchen tool for busy pregnant Moms who want to save time and energy when cooking. This list of instant pot pregnancy recipes contain all pregnancy friendly ingredients that are helpful for having a healthy pregnancy and growing a healthy baby. 

Having the energy to cook can be a challenge during pregnancy. It can be easy to rely on takeout, fast food and convenience foods when you don’t feel like cooking. 

Yet, you need to eat well to stay healthy. 

That’s why it’s important to find easy pregnancy recipes that are healthy and can be made relatively quickly.

We’ve gathered together some recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that you can make in the instant pot. These recipes are relatively simple to make and include wholesome ingredients. 

This list also includes healthier versions of traditional recipes so that if you are just getting started with healthy eating you can ease into it without feeling overwhelmed by complex recipes. 

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Instant Pot Pregnancy Meals

Cooking your meals during pregnancy in the instant pot will save you so much time. But there are also a few more benefits to using the instant pot during pregnancy. 

  1. During the 1st trimester, it can be particularly helpful to make meals in the instant pot if you are suffering from morning sickness or all day sickness. This will help you avoid the smell of cooking which makes many nauseous. 
  2. You can use the programmable timer to have meals ready for when you need them for less stress. 
  3. If you find yourself exhausted during pregnancy, save your sanity and use the instant pot instead of making a stove top meal. 
  4. Perhaps one of the most interesting benefits and reasons for pregnant Moms to use the instant pot is that pressure cooking helps retain more of the nutrients and vitamins in food

When looking for meal ideas for your instant pot remember to look for a few things.

Guidelines for finding pregnancy recipes:

  • Contain all real food – minimizing processed ingredients can help avoid additives, as well as, control sugars and sodium better. If you do use sauces, or other jarred, or canned ingredients make sure that they are clean and contain all (or mostly all) real foods and spices.
  • Contain 2 or more pregnancy superfoods –  Eating more superfoods per meal will help ensure that you are getting the variety of nutrients you need for your baby. Get your pregnancy superfood list by signing up below.
  • Require relatively little prep – some recipes are easier than others. During pregnancy, keep it simple and find recipes that require less chopping. Meals that center around 1 protein are great (think beef roast or whole chicken). Then just heat up some frozen veggies, or toss together a salad, to go with it. The leftovers are awesome for lunch. 

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Instant Pot Recipes for Pregnancy

Using the instant pot can save you tons of time, but it can also help you eat healthier. Here are a few recipes for the instant pot that contain the nutrients you need more of during pregnancy.

Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes for Pregnancy

Breakfast can be one of the hardest meals to eat healthy. During pregnancy it's important to eat breakfast everyday. Here are a few ideas for breakfast while pregnant that you can make in the instant pot.

Need more ideas? Check out these healthy breakfast ideas for pregnancy.

Instant Pot Lunch Recipes for Pregnancy

Have you ever thought to make lunch in your instant pot? This is an amazing convenience if you are home or to make ahead for a week's worth of lunches for work.

Pregnancy Dinners in the Instant Pot

After a long day the last thing you want to do is cook. But you need a healthy dinner while pregnant. Try one of these easy instant pot meals the next time you are wondering what's dinner.

More on Healthy Eating during Pregnancy

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