Constantly staring in the fridge and hungry while breastfeeding?

Start snacking healthy so that you can be a nourished milk making machine!

Introducing the Homemade Breastfeeding Recipes Ebook


Your guide to making breastfeeding friendly snacks that are low in sugar, healthy and taste great so that you have the energy and nourishment you need for a high milk supply to feed your baby.

If You….

Need an easy way to boost milk supply without buying a ton of over priced “lactation” products

Wish you could snack without worrying if the ingredients will effect your baby

Want to finally take control of the cravings and eat healthier


Ready to feel more nourished and less drained while breastfeeding?

These breastfeeding snack recipes are especially made with milk boosting ingredients that you can buy at the grocery.


What’s Inside?

As a nursing mom you need all the nourishment you can get. So we made this snack recipe ebook to help you find tasty recipes you can make ahead so that you never have to reach for the Doritos again.

12 + recipes with breastfeeding foods

Easy step by instructions on how to make snacks that include foods that support breastfeeding.

Low sugar, gluten free and dairy free

We tried to make these recipes as healthy as possible, but still taste great!

Variety of Snacks

Includes recipes for lactation muffins, cookies, energy bites, bread, granola and MORE!