Hi I’m Lisa!

I am wife and mother of 4 little ones, home remedy experimenter, and coconut oil fanatic. I love fresh chicken eggs, big cups of hot tea, talking about pregnancy and natural childbirth and birthing beautiful things – babies and ideas.

Born and raised in South Louisiana. I live and write in New Orleans, Louisiana. This site is dedicated to my love of eating and having babies! I am passionate about natural pregnancy, homebirth, eating gluten free and loving life along the way.

Welcome to Birth Eat Love

You’ve come to the right place. I am so glad you are here.

Birth Eat Love is a place designed for You – the women I love who inspire me everyday to be a better woman, wife, mother, daughter, niece, granddaughter, sister and friend.

This is a the place where I share health and wellness tips for women who want to simplify their life while living more fully in the moment with gratitude and good food along the way.

I get it – you are busy, tired and stressed. There never seems to be enough time. Yet you feel like you should be doing more.

You yearn for some quiet time. Time to connect with those you love. Some balance.

But it feels hard. Really hard to know what changes to make and how to integrate those changes in your life.

It’s easier than you think. And instinctually you already know deep inside you.

Its about creating the quality of life you want to live.

It’s about moving away from ‘have to’ and moving towards ‘choose to’. It’s about finding habits and practices that build us up and support our values rather than ones that set us back.

In everything we do we are sowing seeds, planting new ideas. These seeds can be nourished and grow and thrive. The more joy and love we put into the seeds the better they grow and the more enjoyable the journey.

There is a reoccurring cycle that drives everything:

Birth. Eat. Love… repeat

That’s why I created this website. To give you the tools you need to birth beautiful things – babies, nourishing meals, and dreams!

And to provide you with inspiration and motivation to live your best life right now…not someday when its all past you by.

Because you are here for a reason and you should be enjoying it!

So no matter where you are along your journey, you can find something here that uplifts you, helps you develop better habits, take better care of yourself – and the ones you love, and feel great along the way.

Our paths have crossed for a reason. Now let’s sow some seeds together!

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A bit about my journey…

Three things have changed my life — homebirth, learning to love the food I eat and gratitude practice.

I became a Mom roughly 9 years ago after being told that I would have trouble conceiving naturally due to PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome). For years I believed the diagnose. Then I decided to start making changes in my life. At the time I really did not connect all the dots. The picture has really unfolded over time. And now I am a mother of 4!

I started by changing what I was putting into my body. I took away foods, mainly just fast food at first.

But then it became about what foods/nutrients I needed to add into my diet. And thus my journey and fascination with the healing power of food began.

I began to see that so much of how my life went was determined by the attitude I carried. Our thoughts control so much of our experience.

I practiced finding joy in the everyday. Blessings appeared that were perhaps always there, yet I just had not been awake enough to see them. I realized that by cultivating a grateful heart and positive thoughts that I am a happier wife, mother and person.

I’m still learning daily and hope you will join me here so we can grow together! Sign up for my email newsletter so we can stay connected!

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Have a question?

Please contact me here or email me at lisa at birtheatlove (dot)com

I look forward to getting to know you!

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