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Welcome to The Birth Eat Love Shop

Here you will find a selection of  products that will help you during pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and motherhood. 

These are all products that I love and highly recommend. 

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Achieving Natural Childbirth

Products by Birth Eat Love

Printable Birth Affirmations

These 12  beautifully designed birth affirmations are ideal for easing your fears and worries leading up to labor. Print and use to inspire confidence in your birthing ability!

Printable birth affirmations


Birth Affirmations E-Course

A 14- day email course designed to walk you through using birth affirmations to prepare for a positive birth experience. Each day you receive an affirmation and short lesson to your inbox. 

Birth affirmations Email course. Affirmations delivered to your inbox.


Freezer Meals Ebook

12 breastfeeding friendly freezer meal recipes based on the best nourishing and anti-inflammatory foods to help promote postpartum healing! Includes tips for getting started, leftover suggestions, grocery list and 5 bonus recipes!

Making pre baby freezer meals? Make freezer meals that actually support breastfeeding and healing. 12 recipes with leftover suggestions and a grocery shopping list!


Recommended Products and Courses

Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

Learn everything you need to know to breastfeed like a PRO in this online video class. Highly recommended for first time moms! Learn the basics of breastfeeding before baby arrives so you are ready. 90 minutes of lessons taught by a lactation counselor and Mom. 

Ultimate breastfeeding class - learn at home!


Natural Mama Birth Course

The BEST online course for Moms who want a natural birth! This course prepares you for the realities of childbirth in a positive way. Taught by a Nurse Midwife and Mama Natural – Genevieve Howard. Learn how to prevention interventions the smart way and have the birth you want! Online and video based. Totally worth the investment if you really want a natural and positive birth experience.


The Postpartum Cure

An online program designed to help Moms loose the baby weight in a healthy way while boosting milk supply. 

Learn how to master you milk supply the smart way! Heal your core and learn the best foods to eat while breastfeeding.

There is a full 21-day meal plan with recipes and a grocery list. Mini challenges to help you get started, Mommy and baby workout videos, and tons of encouragement in the private Facebook community.

Plus there’s an app for on the go and staying on track!

Favorite Products

Pregnancy Pillow

High quality and cuddle worthy pregnancy pillow perfect for helping you get extra support while sleeping and much needed rest. 

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Nursing Pillow

Stylish nursing pillows to make breastfeeding more comfortable. Multiple designs to choose from!

Nursing pillow free with code

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To Save $40 at checkout!!  This makes many of the nursing pillows FREE, just pay S&H!!


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