How to set up an easy baby registry on Amazon and add any item.

How to Setup a FREE Baby Registry with ANY product from ANY Store


Baby is on the way and it’s time to create a baby registry! Are you wondering what are the must-have baby products are for new moms? How do you even make a baby registry? Making a baby registry should be a fun process. There are two ways to go about it – taking up an afternoon wandering the aisles of Target, Baby’s R Us or Walmart searching through items you may or may not want, OR you can set up an easy baby registry online in a matter of minutes and check it off your to-do list.

Did you know you can add any baby product from an site with an Amazon baby Registry? It's so easy to setup a free baby registry and add items from ANY site. Check out how here...

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Make the process of creating a baby registry EASY with Amazon Baby Registry. It’s super simple to get started. This post will show you how to set up an online baby registry and add items from any store online.

Plus, I’ll share with you 11 MUST HAVE baby products that you definitely want to include on your baby registry. These are all products that I use, or have used, and recommend after having 4 babies and trying tons of products.


The Easy Way to Setup a Baby Registry

While it can be quite fun using the scan gun at the big box stores, it takes quite a bit of time. Plus the store may not carry all the items you want and you will have to create multiple lists…and it can get complicated.

You want to make it as easy as possible for yourself to:

  1. create the registry
  2. add items to your list when you think of them
  3. share it with your family and friends

If you are looking for the easiest and quickest way to create a baby registry for your baby shower or blessingway, hands down, the best is Amazon Baby Registry. More than likely you already have an Amazon account, so in a matter of minutes you can be set up and good to go.

The beauty of the Amazon Baby Registry is that is super convenient for you and your gift givers – which makes it more likely that you’ll get all those nice items you register for. 

Convenience of Amazon Baby Registry:

    • Free shipping with Amazon Prime for your gift givers
    • Free returns for you for up to 90 days (on most items)
    • Add items anytime 24-7 from your desktop, tablet or phone
    • Add items from any site – this is seriously the best feature! Find an item from any other site and save it to your Amazon registry easily. I’ll show you how below.
    • Easy to share your registry through social media and email.
    • Get special deals and discounts for signing up, including a Welcome Box!

How to Set Up an Easy Baby Registry

Setting up a baby registry can be done is a matter of minutes! This tutorial will show you how to get started and add your first products from other sites!

Step 1 – Log into Amazon

Start by logging in to your Amazon account. Go to the Account & List tab on the right side. Under Your List, select Baby Registry.

Easy Baby Registry with Amazon Step 1


Easy Baby Registry with Amazon Step 2

Step 2 – Enter your information

Enter your info to set up your registry. Decide who can see your registry, create a greeting for your viewers, set baby’s gender, and your email preferences.

easy baby registry with amazon featuring 11 products you really want to on your baby registry

Step 3 – Add your first item!

Once that is complete, you are ready to add your first items on Amazon! Across the top you will see links to the categories in Amazon’s baby registry checklist. View the item you want and then select Add to Baby Registry.

easy baby registry with amazon featuring 11 products you really want to on your baby registry


How to add items from other sites to your Amazon Baby Registry!

Step 4 – Download Amazon Assistant

This is a MUST so that you can add items from any site! Install the Amazon Assistant browser extension in order to gain the benefits of the universal registry.


easy baby registry with amazon featuring 11 products you really want to on your baby registry


Step 5 – Find Baby Products on Your Favorite Sites

Visit other sites (Like Target pictured below) and add products by clicking on the Amazon Assistant browser button located in the upper right hand corner. Select Add to List under the search bar, scroll to item if necessary and then select Add to Baby Registry.


easy baby registry with amazon featuring 11 products you really want to on your baby registry


Step 6 – Check that items are added to Amazon Baby Registry

Return to Amazon and check that the universal items have been added. They should appear at the bottom on your registry list.


easy baby registry with amazon featuring 11 products you really want to on your baby registry


And that’s it! You are all set up!

Amazon makes it really easy to add items to your list. Make sure to download the app for adding items on the go.

Also Amazon provides a done-for-you checklist of categories and items to include in your registry.

If you complete the checklist you receive a Welcome Baby box with over $35 worth of baby products.

So make sure to add items from each category to complete the list and get your Welcome Box! 

Now you can share your registry with family and friends by email, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Think about this before adding items to your registry

Once you have your baby registry all setup, you are going to want to add the best products to make sure that you get quality items that are actually useful.

Here are a few things to think about when picking items for your baby registry:

  • Pick products within a wide price range in order to give your family and friends lots of options for helping you prepare for bringing your new baby home.
  • Ask yourself – Do I really need this? Will this item help make my life easier or will it just be clutter?
  • Think outside the box – there are a wide range of items you can use for baby that are not in the Baby category. Add those as well. Check out my recommendations for what to stock up on to help your body heal after childbirth here.


11 products you really want to include on your baby registry:

These are baby products that I used over and over again as a Mom of 4. These are MUST HAVE items to add to your baby registry.

#1 – Swaddle blankets

You can never have too many of these! Use to swaddle baby, but also as a nursing cover, car seat cover, burp cloth or even a diaper changing pad (in a pinch).

These Ziggy Baby Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets are adorable and are 100% cotton muslin. They have the lovely light airy feeling, but are super warm. And they are bigger (48 x 48 in) than most you will find.


#2- Baby Carrier

This is a must have baby product! Seriously, I recommend getting 2 and here’s why – in the first few months when baby is still really fresh the carrier mimics the dark, comfort of the womb. So use a cloth, wrap style carrier in the beginning and switch to the backpack style once baby is moving around.

I used the Moby wrap during the first 3 months and then switch to a reversible Ergo backpack carrier that I use through toddlerhood. Avoid front facing baby carries as they can put undue pressure on baby’s spine.

#3- Rocking sleeper

Rocking sleepers are a lifesaver and one of my most recommended items for new moms. What is awesome about this Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper is that it’s easy to move around, fits in small spaces and keeps baby at an incline.

This sleeper is nice to keep next to the bed in the first few weeks postpartum. If you have to choose between a bassinet and a rocking sleeper, get the rocking sleeper as the incline makes it a superior choice in my opinion.

The incline helps give baby a view, but also really helps with easy digestion as they are kept in a more upright position.

If your baby suffers from acid reflux or infant GERD (as a lot do) this chair will be your best friend. Use this chair after feedings to keep your newborn in a semi-upright position so that they can digest better and you can have a hands free moment. These tips on foods to avoid while breastfeeding can help you prevent things like GERD, acid reflux and colic.

If you plan to have multiple kids, this is one piece of baby gear that lasts and you will use over and over again!


#4- High Chair

Or should maybe, a high chair alternative. I really like booster seats for feeding baby for a few reasons. They take up less space and are portable. Babies can sit at the table with the family from the time they are sitting up (about 5 months) which is key, in my opinion, to starting good, healthy eating habits. Also it will serve you longer, lasting well into the toddler years.

#5- Snacks

While a little nontraditional, good healthy snacks and grocery items are a total treat for expecting parents. Include your favorites that you rarely buy yourself! May I suggest Larabars and Kind Bars, and dark chocolate.

These will be lovely to have on hand before breastfeeding baby and for late night snacks. Need ideas for how to stock your fridge and pantry before baby arrives? Check out the The Ultimate List of Food for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.

#6- Nightlight

Getting up for late night feedings and diaper changes can be stressful. Turning on bright lights to find diapers and wipes can wake up your newborn and make it harder to get back to sleep. I found having a gentle, low nightlight like these Natural Himalayan salt rock wall plug night lights to be just the right amount of light to see, but not too much to wake everyone up.

Plus salt lamps help to purify the air and help create a soothing environment in your nursery or room.

#7- Lambskin Blanket

These are amazingly soft! Studies have shown that the soothing qualities of natural lambskin help babies be more content and sleep better.

Use your Lambskin blanket in the crib or bassinet, stroller and for tummy time. It’s kinda like a play mat, but better! If you plan to go diaper free at any point, this is a must have product as it is also super absorbent and wicks away moisture. Pure baby luxury with benefits!

#8- Jogging Stroller

Totally a luxury item, but so nice if you can afford it (or be gifted one!) Think of it as a tool for loosing the postpartum baby weight.

Plus if you have two or more kids, a double jogger like the one I have, helps keep you sane on big outings.

#9- Diapers

Whether you plan to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers, it’s a good idea to register for both of these! Include a few sizes up too, because babies grow faster than you think. Think (at least) 1 large pack of each newborn, and size 1 and 2-3 boxes of size 2 and up.

By having both cloth diapers and disposable diapers, you give yourself options to experiment and see what works for you. Plus, it’s always nice to have backup. This guide to cloth diapers has some great tips for getting started.

#10- Baby Scale

Having a baby scale gives you a way to track your baby’s growth on your own. This can really give you peace of mind in the first weeks and months to ensure that your newborn is putting on weight.

The Health-o-meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale has a tray that makes weighing a newborn easy.  It also has a feature where you can subtract the weight of the blanket or clothes for more accurate weight checks. The tray is removable and can be used for toddlers up to 60 lbs.


#11- Memory Book

Oh mama, I can not tell you how fast the newborn phase will go by. It will be intense at times, but so worth it and beautifully amazing! Savor it! Slow down from all the lists, to-do’s and worries and take time to really treasure that baby. Time is so precious and fleeting.

And because as much as it will be imprinted on your soul, you won’t remember it all (even though you think you will, lol). Write your story for baby (and you) to treasure later with this adorable Lucy Darling Little Artist Memory Book


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