Simple Pregnancy Workout Routine (with Videos)

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Are you looking for a simple pregnancy workout routine that you can do at home? Have little to no time to workout? Or maybe you don’t feel like working out at all, but know you should! This post will share some easy workouts for pregnant moms that you can do with very little time. 

Taking care of your body is super important during pregnancy for feeling your best, getting baby into position for labor and having the stamina you need to make it through daily life and ultimately childbirth. 

It doesn’t matter when you start working out. Whether you are in your first trimester, second or third trimester – just doing a little exercise each day really does add up. 

Leading an active life and chasing kids can seem like enough. But, consistently taking time daily can help work out the aches and pains of pregnancy and actually help you to feel better in your growing body. 

Exercise during pregnancy can also lessen your risk of pregnancy conditions like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

Having a strong body is one of the things that can make labor easier. After all, you need stamina to make it through several hours of labor (or longer). Plus the last few weeks of pregnancy are way less miserable if you are in shape.

And then there is the pelvic floor… getting hemorrhoids, incontinence, and/or diastasis recti are just a few of the problems that you can have postpartum when you ignore taking care of your pelvic floor.  

So let’s get you started with some easy pregnancy workouts so that you can start taking your healthy pregnancy routine seriously.

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Pregnancy Workout Routine

Want some easy pregnancy exercises you can do at home? Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

#1 – Walking –

This is so easy to do, but yea it does take some effort to be consistent. Start by walking around the block, your neighborhood, or to the park with your little ones. Spinning Babies recommends adding in a little more gradually and slowly working up to 3 miles. 

Just walking an extra 10 minutes a day can make a big difference in how you feel. 

Getting a Fitbit like this one can help with tracking your steps walked each day and your heart rate that way you can evaluate how much more you need to do. 

#2 – Pelvic Floor Exercises –

These exercises are super simple to do. Try making it a daily habit every morning right after you wake up, go to the bathroom and drink water. That way no excuses for skipping.

The awesome part is it only takes about 10 minutes to complete these totally free pregnancy workouts.

Try the simple exercises from this pin on Pinterest. Do each of the exercises 10 times.


Then add in the exercises recommended by Jena over at Live Core Strong.


And here is another great pregnancy exercises video that is short and simple to do. I love how her kids are running around in the video showing that even with little ones you can still get a workout in.



#3 – The Belly Only Pregnancy Program –

Looking for an at home workout program with videos?

These workouts are a little more intense than the pelvic floor exercises above. I was actually sore the day after doing the first video.

If your looking for a challenging daily workout program specifically designed for pregnancy, totally check out the Belly Only Pregnancy Program.

It was created by Katie, a Mom of 3 and certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist to help Moms have a healthy pregnancy, get ready for labor and recover quickly postpartum. She lays out exactly what to do in each trimester and also includes helpful diet tips.

The Belly Only Pregnancy Program is the best pregnancy workout program for Moms who want to stay fit during pregnancy and prepare for an easy labor. Get access to the full program here.

#4 – Pregnancy Yoga –

Prenatal yoga is a great way to exercise during pregnancy. It helps your body feel so nice and stretched afterwards.

Having tight muscles is one of the things that can cause a lot of discomfort during pregnancy. It can also make labor harder. So it’s important to stretch out your growing body on a regular basis. 

Aim to do prenatal yoga 2-3 times per week. It’s really great to do at night for unwinding after a long day. 

Check out this post to find some easy pregnancy yoga videos to get ready for labor. There are a few that are really short, so don’t think you don’t have the time!

Tips for Starting a Pregnancy Workout Routine

Exercising during pregnancy does require a bit of a commitment with yourself. Just tell yourself – “labor will be easier if I do this.”

Plus it’s good for your baby, and your body will feel so much better in the long run.

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Pick a time – I recommend first thing in the morning – and just do 10 minutes. Don’t have time in the morning? The first 10 minutes you are home in the evening works well too.
  • Don’t make excuses – if you skip a day, it’s really ok. Just start back the next day and try to make doing some exercise daily a consistent habit.
  • Incorporate the kids – it’s easy when you have little ones to put off working out. Getting them involved makes it so much easier! Set them up on the floor while you do a quick video or few pelvic floor exercise. They will get a kick out of watching you and might even want to join in. 
  • Get the gear you need – a yoga mat comes in really handy for doing these exercise. Invest in a good pair of running shoes and figure out how you are going to track your daily steps

Want more tips on how to make a pregnancy routine that works for you? Check out this post on How to Start a Healthy Pregnancy Routine.

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simple pregnancy workout routine

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