Natural Postpartum Care Essentials (Checklist + Tips for FAST Recovery)

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Are you wondering how to heal naturally after childbirth? These are the postpartum care essentials and natural remedies for postpartum healing that helped me recover quickly from childbirth 5 times. I would not have a baby without stocking up on these products. Get these essentials for your natural postpartum care so that you can heal faster after birth too. 

So what items do you need after you have a baby?

Lets talk about the realities of postpartum recovery for a minute so that you understand why these necessities are so helpful…

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What No One Told Me About Postpartum Recovery

No matter how you give birth, there will be afterbirth pains and blood.

NO ONE told me this when I had my first baby! Even the books I read glossed over this.

You will feel sore and like you have been through battle.

Recovery from childbirth takes a minimum of 6 weeks, but the body continues to heal from childbirth for months after.

After you have your baby there are a few things you can expect.

Honestly, the first time I was totally blindsided by these things. I felt like nobody told me it was going to be so tough managing a newborn and recovering physically from birth.

Even though I got LOTS of advice from well meaning relatives and friends…it seems like everyone left out the nitty gritty details of what you experience after you have a baby.

My first baby was born over 10 years ago, so there was not nearly the amount of information that there is today. Its funny to think how we found out anything about pregnancy, labor and postpartum without Google, Pinterest and Smartphones!

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A Few Things You Can Expect Postpartum

This is a short list, but many of these I feel like I didnt realize before I had a baby.

Afterbirth pains -

Kinda like contractions, afterbirth pains can be somewhat intense in the first day or two postpartum. I actually thought afterbirth pains, especially while breastfeeding, were more painful at times than labor contractions.

All the blood -

There is a lot of blood when you give birth (no matter how you give birth). It continues for up to 6 weeks starting heavy and then tapering off to light spotting.

This really surprised me. Its like having the longest period ever.

Pain down there -

Varying degrees depending on how your birth went. It will make going to the bathroom uncomfortable for a least a few days, if not a little longer, so be prepared.

Constipation -

Trouble going to the bath after birth is pretty common, but can be remedied pretty easily (most of the time).

The Hormones -

The hormonal swings of postpartum can be wild, but are totally normal. One minute you may feel like superwoman and the next like an exhausted hot mess. Tears will flow more easily and out burst may be more likely.

Yea, it can be like PMS on overdrive.

The good thing is there are ways to manage all these things!

Its about awareness (partly what you are doing now), preparation and grace (being kind and gentle with yourself).

If you are looking to REALLY be prepared for birth, postpartum and life with a newborn, I highly recommend you check out this online course that comes with a support community of moms and nurses. 

So lets get into how to manage pain after birth and naturally recover postpartum!

Disclaimer: The content shared in this post and on this site is meant for informational purposes only and should not replace medical advice. Please seek the advice of your care giver when making decisions regarding your pregnancy and postpartum care. 

Postpartum Essentials Checklist

Whether you are having a hospital birth, birth center or homebirth, after you deliver your baby, you will do the majority of your recovery at home. Its important to get everything you need ahead of time, so that once you return home with baby you are not constantly scrambling to respond to unexpected needs.

Having midwife care in home, or a postpartum doula, or family/friend assistance can make a huge difference in the first few weeks postpartum!

Get help lined up now so that you can really focus on rest and recovery after having your baby. Here are some helpful tips on how to manage visitors after birth.

Also keep in mind the 5-5-5 rule for postpartum recovery. Following it can make a huge difference in how you feel in the weeks and months after delivery. 

The majority of postpartum stress, in my opinion, comes from being unprepared and having to come up with solutions to new challenges under duress (think little sleep and a hungry, crying baby and nothing for you to eat… no maam we dont want that).

The good thing is that if you prepare now, postpartum can be way easier, and dare I say, even blissful.

Here is a short list of things to buy for natural postpartum recovery and healing! Gather together these items for postpartum recovery to build your postpartum care basket. 

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Natural Remedies for Postpartum Healing

Natural ways to ease the pain after having a baby! Give some of these natural postpartum pain relief options a try. They worked for me after natural birth.

Taking care of your body in the days after having a baby is super important. Make sure to read this article, as well, on how to shrink your postpartum belly.

Arnica tabs -

These little homeopathic pills actually do a great job of managing the pain after birth. And the great thing is they are all natural and safe for breastfeeding and baby.

While I was initially skeptical of these sugar looking pills, I noticed a definite relief after taking them. This can be a good natural alternative to prescription pain relief when combined with the natural postpartum care methods below.

Herbal tea -

Both red raspberry leaf tea and nettle tea are good to drink in the first weeks postpartum. Multiple cups a day will help nourish your body, help your milk supply come in, and reduce the cramping of afterbirth pains.

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Harness the power of herbal tea during pregnancy and postpartum! Nourishing your pregnant body is a top priority. Drinking tea is an easy way to boost nutrients so you can grow a healthy baby. During the postpartum period, herbal tea can provide nourishment for the body to heal.

Comfrey -

This amazing herb is great for natural postpartum pain relief. While there is some controversy over drinking it, external use is considered safe. Make a strong infusion using 1 oz of comfrey leaf (not root!) in 32 oz of boiling water. Steep for 30 minutes or more, then pour into a hot bath and soak to relieve pain.

Use comfrey leaf to make an herbal sitz bath. A sitz bath is any combination of herbs, essential oil, and epsom salt (see below!) mixed in the bath to facilitate healing.

Some of the best herbs for after birth sitz bath:

Seriously this is one of the best ways to relieve pain naturally after birth! And if you rather just buy your sitz bath pre-mixed - this one from Earth Mama is awesome.

Epsom salt -

Epsom salt is good for relieving aching muscles and for supplying an extra boost of magnesium. Taking long soaks in an epsom salt bath can also reduce high blood pressure. If you are feeling super stressed or anxious in the days postpartum try adding 1-2 cups of Epsom salt to your bath.


Stress Relief Postpartum

Natural stress relief for the first few weeks postpartum!

Lavender essential oil -

The calming effect of lavender essential oil is amazing. Add to your bath, sprinkle on your bed sheets or put in a diffuser to ease tension and stress.

Chamomile tea -

A natural way to relax and get some sleep if you are feeling anxious. Dried chamomile flowers can be used for tea or to make a sitz bath!

Going to the Bathroom Postpartum

A few things to make going to the bathroom easier postpartum! Make sure to get a small basket to keep these things right in your bathroom.

Herbal Perineal Spray -

A lot of articles on postpartum care recommend some kind of first aid spray like Dermoplast to relieve minor pain down there after birth.

But heres the thing, those sprays contain Benzocaine and Butane… two things you probably dont want to spray on your precious lady parts.

This awesome little spray does the job without all the extra chemicals. 

Peri bottle (VIP version)

If youve had a baby before you are familiar with these little bottles they give you to spray after going to the bathroom. (Its easier/better than wiping the first few days!)

When preparing for my 5th baby, I discovered this super cool upside down peri bottle just for postpartum Moms. And its soooo much better than the standard model.

If you get nothing else on this list, treat yourself to one of these!

And you are going to want to fill it with this

Natural constipation relief postpartum-

Flax seeds are a natural way to relieve the constipation that many women experience the first few days after birth. Try this before you try stool softeners for postpartum constipation!

  • 1 tbsp of flax seeds + 3 tbsp of water
  • Let it soak for a few minutes and then eat.

The cool thing is flax seeds are also great for boosting milk supply when breastfeeding!

Eat high fiber foods

Make sure you are getting enough fiber. Good foods to add in are: Oatmeal, apples, avocado, figs, black beans and chickpeas (source). Learn about more of the best foods for postpartum recovery here. 

Depends for postpartum bleeding-

Yes, you read that right, just get over it and order some Depends on Amazon. Seriously, in the first few days they are way easier than underwear and huge pads. 

And while you are at it order some of these disposable bed pads to put under the bed sheet on your side of the bed for the first week or so. It makes clean-up so much easier and protects your mattress (without having to struggle with changing a mattress pad or wash dirty sheets constantly).

Get some postpartum underwear that supports your belly and even fits a gel pack for soothing.

If you are looking for a more natural way to deal with your bleeding postpartum, check out these bamboo Mama Cloths that are washable and reusable.  They are highly rated on Amazon and recommended in a few natural Mom FB groups for the heavy bleeding in the first days postpartum. 

Caring for your body postpartum

Tips for regaining your strength and boosting nutrients postpartum!

Coconut oil for postpartum-

Have stitches, tears or skid marks from natural birth? Scars from a c section? Use coconut oil! Its natural, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. Also great for baby, and for sore, or cracked, nipples from breastfeeding! 

And make sure to eat it multiple times daily to boost your healthy fats and support healthy milk supply (source).

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Iron pills -

Iron pills can help build up your blood supply again. Consider adding these in daily if you are feeling weak after labor or lost a lot of blood. With my 4th I felt really exhausted for days. Once I started taking the iron pills, I noticed a big difference. Try this kind as they as plant based and easier on the stomach.

Prenatal vitamins-

Its a good idea to keep taking your prenatals for a few months after birth. This will help with rebuilding your bodys nutrient supply and help build milk supply for breastfeeding. One with probiotics like this one can help support your gut health and babys if you are breastfeeding.

Nutrient dense food -

One area many people forget to prepare for is what to eat in the days after birth. Stock up on nutrient dense real foods and on healthy convenience foods. Check out this postpartum grocery list for a overview of some foods to stock up on.

By having food on hand, it will be one less thing to worry about and you will ensure that you are getting all the nourishment you need to heal and care for your baby. Getting proper nourishment can also help to prevent postpartum depression and anxiety (source). This list of foods for a fast postpartum recovery is so helpful!

Preparing freezer meals before baby arrives is a total game changer. Postpartum is so much easier when you can just focus on resting and not on preparing food.

Focus on eating nutrient dense, real foods, just like during pregnancy. Nourishing soups that contain breastfeeding friendly ingredients are great for your healing and for stimulating milk production. Also make sure to focus on meals that center around foods that can help increase milk supply. 

The better you take care of yourself in the first few weeks postpartum the better you will feel in the months to come.

Getting plenty of rest, staying off your feet and taking care of baby is your top priority.

Follow some of these tips to help make your postnatal recovery smoother and faster! And the best part is you can recover naturally postpartum.

This is just the short list! Want to know more items that can help you have smooth and easy postpartum? Sign up below for your Postpartum Prep List! Plus get pregnancy and postpartum tips delivered to your inbox weekly!

What helped you recover from childbirth naturally? Share with us in the comments below!

More Resources for Postpartum Moms

Wondering how soon you can workout after birth and how to heal your tummy? This ebook is your guide to taking care of your body postpartum. Its written by a physical therapist and Mom of 4. She shares exactly what to do - from Day 1 - to heal and flatten your stomach. Get your copy here, youll be glad you did. 

Are you preparing to breastfeed for the first time? Check out this online breastfeeding course by my friend Stacey! It really breaks down all the basics that you need to know to make breastfeeding easier from the start. Learn more about the Ultimate Breastfeeding Class Here!

Having a hospital birth? My friend Audrey from Mommy Enlightened has a great list of postpartum necessities many of which you can snag from the the hospital! 

Learn how you can prevent postpartum hair loss here. 

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What do you really need to have on hand for after having your baby? Click to find out the ESSENTIALS for a natural postpartum recovery!
What do you really need to have on hand for after having your baby? Click to find out the ESSENTIALS for a natural postpartum recovery!

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  1. Great tips and suggestions here! Wish I had this resource to go to in my postpartum weeks and months. I used a lot of herbal teas in those months, helped me calm down, especially after my first delivery when I suffered from postpartum skin allergy for weeks.

    • Thanks so much Sarah for your comment! Hopefully lots of moms can get prepared so they don’t have to struggle like we did! Those first weeks are so tough. Glad to hear herbal tea helped you! It’s my favorite way to recover….well next to the sitz bath!

  2. Great post! It’s very true that nobody really prepares you for what postpartum recovery is like. I remember having to send my inlaws out for one of those inflatable donut rings after I had my first, because sitting down was so painful.

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