Self Care Gifts for Busy Moms

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Are you a busy mom running from place to place, with a mile-long to-do list and no time to get it all done? Do you feel like you have NO time for yourself?  Are you a new mom trying to figure out how to take care of yourself and a new baby? These self care gifts for busy moms will help you create a self care routine so that you can feel your best and find more joy in mom life.

Whether for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, your Birthday, Mother’s Day, or just an overly busy week, these self care products are a great way to treat yourself. You deserve a little time to yourself to rejuvenate! And the best part is many of these self care ideas are under $20! So no excuses Mama!

And if you are here looking for the best gifts for busy moms, then you have come to the right place! These gift ideas are sure to help the special Mom in your life feel more loved and cared for. 

While you are here, check out these gifts for new moms too!

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Why busy moms need self care!

Taking care of little people, growing a family and being the manger of life takes lots of energy and perseverance. The self care ideas in this post are designed to help you relieve stress, connect with yourself and reinforce healthy wellness habits.

How do you avoid burnout and overwhelm when you are busy taking care of everyone else? You prioritize self care!

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When you practice self care you:

  • Relieve and release tension
  • Feel more grounded and balanced
  • Connect with your inner guidance
  • Feel more joy and gratitude
  • Are more caring to those around you
  • Life seems easier vs harder

How can you bring more self care into your life?

Self care doesn’t require a ton of money or time. It’s just a commitment to honoring one’s self throughout the day.

  • First make it a priority
  • Get your Essential Self Care Checklist for a easy self care routine that you can do daily (even when you have little ones!)
  • Ask yourself – what do I need right now? And then listen to yourself! Even when it’s not what you are expecting, or thought the answer would (should) be.
  • Treat yourself to some of the self care products below to help you along your journey.
  • Do a glow up challenge – a week dedicated to taking care of you!

As a busy mom of 5 these are gifts on my wish list and favorite products that I use to help take care of myself, make my life easier and more joyful.

Wellness – Gift Ideas

As a busy mom, one of the first areas to start improving your self care is in wellness. Wellness is the basic habits that help you to sustain good health over time.

Hydration is one areas many moms forget, but can greatly impact your overall health. We would never dream of forgetting our kid’s bottle or sippy cup when we leave the house, but many of us forget about our own hydration needs.

Get a water bottle that you LOVE. That way you will want to carry it and drink water.

Love this chic glass water bottle with silicon sleeve by bkr. 

Having a hot (or cold) drink is very important when you are always on the go. This tumbler by Yeti would make any busy Mom a very happy lady.

And I love, love these inspirational water bottles by Aquaneü with a quote and makers to remind you to drink throughout the day! At this price, it’s hard to pass up!

Healthier Morning Beverages

While we are on the subject of hydration, I know moms out there love their morning coffee and tea!

Try upping your wellness game with  “healthy” coffee like this one or this one.

If you are a tea drinker, try my favorite chai tea concentrate (seriously amazing stuff) and my go-to women’s healing herbal tea (perfect for pregnancy, postpartum recovery and easing period symptoms!).

Healthier Eating Made Easier

Nourishing your body is an important part of self care. For many busy moms, getting dinner on the table is stressful and challenging.  Get an instant pot (on my wish list!) or my favorite slow cooker to make preparing healthy meals a little easier.

This basic organic herbal spice set  makes the perfect companion gift for helping prepare delicious healthy meals in a hurry. And if you are super into spices and want to go BIG check out this premium gourmet spice set.

These super cool bento boxes are perfect for taking healthy snacks in your purse on the go!

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Fitness Wellness Gift Ideas

And no busy mom self care routine would be complete without exercise! Have no time to exercise? No worries, you only need a few minutes a day to start practicing yoga! 

Get a premium yoga mat that doesn’t slip to encourage yoga or Pilates practice.

Next get some nice leggings or yoga pants! You’ll feel great while you workout AND when getting Mom life DONE! These leggings are the top rated on Amazon

 And these feel great and have lots of colors/styles to choose from, for a great price!

If getting back in shape after having a baby is on your to-do list, check out the Postpartum Cure. It’s an online program to help learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor and eat healthy so that you can loose the baby weight. 

It include meal plans, grocery list and lots of videos to walk you through the whole process of getting back in shape. This would make a great gift for Moms! 

Bath time – Self Care Gift Ideas

There is nothing like a long soak in the bathtub to refresh and rejuvenate the spirit. Make bath time special and sacred. Start by adding some epsom salt to help relieve muscles tension, lower blood pressure and boost magnesium (something most of us are deficient in!).

Light some candles like these, or use flame-less candles like these, to create a low light ambiance which is way more soothing than overhead light.

Bath time essentials for an rejuvenating self care routine. Self Care gift guide for busy moms with over 30+ gift ideas.

Add essential oils like lavender, clary sage or rose absolute to calm your spirit.

For added luxury, you have to try this amazing herbal bath oils box set (my favorite!!).  Seriously, Mama this is an amazing treat after a long day!

No rejuvenating bath experience would be complete without a bath bomb! Try these beautifully handcrafted bath bombs from a mama of 2!

And if you are saying, I have no time for a long bath! Check out this magnesium lotion for a quick, easy way to get the benefits of a long soak without the bath!

Having an amazing skincare routine can also be really replenishing. Treat yourself to some quality skin care products and use the best sonic facial brush to give yourself an at-home facial.

Calm environment – Self Care Ideas

Having a calm environment is rejuvenating for the soul. But this can be challenging with little ones! The self care ideas in this section will help you create a calm environment despite the chaos.

It’s nice if you can create a space in your home where you can retreat and take a moment for yourself – your side of the bed, a meditation space or a special chair. But for some moms this may be unrealistic. So focus on bringing calming elements into your environment that will constantly remind you to find your peace and calm.

Try adding a Himalayan Salt Lamp to your home. Salt lamps are shown to cleanse and deodorize the air, reduce allergy symptoms, boost your mood and promote better sleep.

Smudge your home with a bundle of dried sage. This helps remove the impurities in the air, but also makes space for good and positive energy.

Use essential oils blends to fill you home with smells that enliven your spirit. This 6 piece essential oil gift set has a scent for every mood.

Get a beautiful diffuser for your living room (this one by Viva Naturals is on my wish list!) or a really simple essential oil diffuser that does the trick. Having a diffuser in your car can really help to relieve all the stress of taxiing kids (as well as mask their smelliness).

Positive mind for a positive mama – Self Care Ideas

One thing that has helped me tremendously in reconnecting to my joy in motherhood is journaling. At first I would just vent, but over time I found that focusing on visioning for the future and gratitude practice make me feel much better. I love leather bound journals like this one for writing my dreams for the future. I like this one with the inspirational cover for writing things that I am grateful for.

Cultivating a positive mindset is challenging at times during motherhood. Fill your environment with reminders to be positive. Using affirmations and having positive word quotes around is a constant reminder to be positive. This decorative box sign  will help inspire your day. Get an oversized mug with a quote (that will make you smile!) to inspire you while you drink your coffee or tea!

Another calming self care activity that I love is coloring. There are many beautiful adult coloring books that you can find to help relieve stress, inspire and awaken your creativity. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Get some nice colored pencils and find a adult coloring book to fit your style:

The best self care gift for busy moms

Perhaps the best gift any mom can give herself, or anyone can give her, is the gift of time. Time is a valuable thing to most moms because many of us feel we have so little of it.

If you are a busy mom, make the effort and commitment to find pockets of time that you can devote to some of the self care activities suggested in this post and in the Essential Self Care Checklist.  Even if its just 5 minutes here and there, it can make a huge difference in your mental, physical and spiritual well being.

Treating yourself to the self care products listed in this guide will help develop a self care routine that rejuvenates and inspires you to be your best.

Make sure to get your free self care checklist by signing up below for a easy daily self care routine designed especially for busy moms.

What’s your favorite self care product from the list? What’s in your daily self care routine? Tell us in the Comments below!

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