Beginner Breastfeeding Tips All First Time Moms Should Know

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As a first time mom it can be scary and overwhelming trying to figure out everything you need to know about breastfeeding your newborn. Is your baby latching properly? Is your newborn getting enough milk? What side do you feed on? When do you pump? To help make it easier, we gathered together the best beginner breastfeeding tips and advice for first time moms. You will get insights from 15 experienced breastfeeding moms so that you can can get started with confidence.

All the Moms included in this post have all been through unique breastfeeding struggles and made it through.  And you can too! The tips in this post will help!

As a first time mom, you might be overwhelmed with all the information out there about the “RIGHT” way to breastfeed. There are LOTS of varying opinions about breastfeeding.

The good thing is there is no right or wrong way.

It’s all about figuring out what works for YOU and YOUR BABY!

Breastfeeding for Beginners – What you will learn in this post:

  • How to survive breastfeeding as a first time mom
  • Tips for latching a newborn
  • Breastfeeding pumping tips
  • What to do when breastfeeding is hard
  • Tips for producing more breast milk
  • Breastfeeding diet tips

Read our complete guide to beginner breastfeeding here.

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Breastfeeding Tips for First Time Moms

Let’s help you get started breastfeeding with confidence! The tips in this post are specifically for first time moms who want to know the nitty griddy about breastfeeding.

We asked 15 moms – What’s your best tip for new moms to make breastfeeding easier?  Read on for some amazing breastfeeding tips for first time moms!

Each tip has a link so that you can learn more from these awesome Mamas. So make sure to click through so that you can learn even MORE on how to make breastfeeding easier!

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Breastfeeding tip #1

“My best breastfeeding tip is to find a local La Leche League chapter and attend meetings before baby is born. You’ll learn so much, and you’ll become comfortable in the group so that you aren’t at all anxious to attend after your babe is born.

You’ll be setting yourself up to make new mommy friends, too, which is really important for your mental health. Of course, keep attending once your little one is born. Getting out of the house and actually seeing people who will support, understand, and help you with breastfeeding and in general will also boost your mental health.”

From Anna at

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    Breastfeeding Tip #2

    “Don’t be afraid to get help! I went to a lactation consultant every few days for the first month and it helped us get on the right track and reassured me that my baby was gaining weight. We went on to nurse for 18 months.” Read the best pumping tips for first time moms.

    From Gemma at 

    Breastfeeding Tip #3

    “I’ve seen far too many women struggle when they didn’t have to. The BIGGEST tip I give all my clients is to learn as much as you can about the breastfeeding process – preferably during pregnancy!

    Just because breastfeeding is natural doesn’t mean it will come NATURALLY and is a skill that needs to be learned for both you and baby. Going into it with the knowledge of what to do and what not to do, what’s normal and what’s not normal, and the wisdom to know when to get help is HUGE!

    The amount of lactation education a woman receives is DIRECTLY correlated with how long she breastfeeds. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!” Read these breastfeeding tips for new moms.

    From Stacey at

    Stacey has an awesome online course where you can learn everything you need to know to be ready to feed your baby like a PRO! It covers everything from the benefits of breastfeeding, to the basics you must know, to how to pump and store milk.  Check out all the details of this video based course here!

    Ultimate Breastfeeding Online class

    Breastfeeding Tips for Beginners

    In the beginning, breastfeeding can seem so challenging. These are all tips that you may not know as a beginner breastfeeding for the first time.

    Breastfeeding Tip #4

    “The first few days and even weeks is a learning process for mommy AND baby. My number one tip is to be patient and remember that both of you are learning.

    Even if you have nursed a previous baby, this new baby is learning for the first time. So be patient and give both of you time to learn the new skill (including how to do it together).

    Most will experience a bad latch at some point and the pain from it can last for a bit even after the latch is fixed. That’s why I recommend having Hydrogel pads on hand so you can use them immediately. It gives such good relief and helps you heal from a bad latch. They are a must have!

    Also remember that a newborns mouth is tiny, so a good latch for a one week old will look different than a good latch for a one month old. My post about latching has lots of great tips and videos!”

    From Rachel at

    Breastfeeding Tip #5

    “Set up a breastfeeding basket so you can have all the necessities within reach. Make sure to have your phone, phone charger, a book, water bottle, breastfeeding snacks, lanolin/nipple cream, burp cloths etc. That way you don’t have to get up while breastfeeding. Keep everything in a basket that is easily portable so you can move it if you nurse in multiple places.” Read these tips on how to increase milk supply

    From McKinzie at

    Breastfeeding Tip #6

    “Nurse on demand rather than on a schedule. Your milk is based on supply and demand, so the more the baby nurses, the more milk you will produce.” Read these tips on what to do when breastfeeding is hard.

    From Jenny at

    Breastfeeding Tip #7

    “Don’t expect to magically figure everything out because it’s supposed to be “natural”. It’s common to have questions or setbacks. Don’t hesitate to ask questions of other moms, lactation consultants or other sources of help. And it can be helpful to take a breastfeeding class before baby arrives so that you’re prepared.”

    From Elizabeth at 

    Breastfeeding Latching Tips

    Tips to better understand and improve your baby’s latch while breastfeeding.

    Breastfeeding Tip #8

    “A good latch can make all the difference between having a good time breastfeeding or painful breastfeeding. If it hurts to feed, it’s probably a bad latch. Figuring out why your baby is having trouble latching and fixing it will help so much. If you’re having trouble get help. A good lactation consultant can make a big difference.” Read these tips for getting a newborn to latch.

    From Stormy at

    Tips When Breastfeeding Hurts

    This is an area that a lot of first time moms don’t understand. It can be very discouraging when breastfeeding hurts. Here’s what you need to know so you can make it through like a PRO.

    Breastfeeding Tip #9

    “Breastfeeding doesn’t always have to hurt! And that plugged ducts, mastitis, thrush, etc is not ‘normal’ and the root should be addressed ASAP. In my case, it was Baby Boy’s tongue and lip tie.” Read these 3 important things to know about breastfeeding.

    From Tiffany from 

    Breastfeeding Tip #10

    “Don’t let sore nipples stop you from breastfeeding but also don’t accept that sore nipples is now your lot in life!!! There’s so much you can do to heal your breasts and keep on nursing!” Read these tips on soothing sore nipples.

    From Susannah at


    Breastfeeding Tip #11

    Plugged ducts happen, and they are be incredibly painful. Without treatment or care, a clogged milk duct can even become infected and lead to more significant problems, like mastitis. Try these tips to work out the clog gently and continue your breastfeeding journey pain-free.

    From Tiffany at

    Tips for Increasing Milk Supply

    Producing enough breast milk and maintaining a healthy milk supply is a big concern for most moms. These tips will give you some ideas on how to make more breast milk, avoid a low milk supply and what to do to boost your milk supply.

    Breastfeeding Tip #12

    “Just because someone says your baby is sucking you must have milk (it was a midwife) doesn’t mean you have milk, or enough milk. Much of my job as a baby nurse was encouraging mothers that they do in fact have enough milk, but SOMETIMES women don’t. Here is what to look for – top 5 symptoms of low milk supply.

    From Dana at

    Breastfeeding Tip #13

    “Don’t let the fear of formula ruin your breastfeeding journey. There’s so much pressure to make “enough” milk and to exclusively breastfeed that moms are stressed out the moment they get home. Stress makes it worse and formula is not the end of the world. 

    Here is a quick and healthy smoothie to help you increase your breast milk supply if you think that might be an issue.”

    From Nikki at

    Breastfeeding Tip #14

    “Breastmilk is made of 90% water. For this reason, it’s very important to stay hydrated and have a good fluid intake. If you are significantly dehydrated, your body will slow down its breast milk production and your own health will be impacted.

    Some experts recommend drinking about 128 ounces of water per day. However, I don’t think you need to get too fixated with a specific quantity. Just make sure you drink enough to satisfy your thirst.

    And fluids can come from different sources, not just water! So, all the drinks here will help you stay hydrated to prevent your milk supply from taking a dip.”

    From Monica at

    Breastfeeding Diet Tips

    What you eat while breastfeeding matters! The better your diet while breastfeeding the better the quality breast milk you will produce. And the happier your baby will be!

    Breastfeeding Tip #15

    “A Breastfeeding diet isn’t a diet at all. It is a focus on nutrient-dense foods at every meal or snack. These nutrient-dense foods fill your body with the building blocks it needs to produce milk, let go of stored fat during pregnancy and ultimately heal after birth.”

    From Katie, Founder of The Postpartum Cure

    Katie has an totally amazing online course for postpartum moms where she walks you through how to lose the baby weight the SMART way.  It even has mama and baby workout videos and recipes included! Check out all the details here!

    Breastfeeding Tip #16

    This is my best tip for breastfeeding moms!

    “Make sure that you are drinking enough water, and eating 3 meals a day with snacks in between. This can really make the difference if you are struggling with low milk supply. Eat plenty of healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil and wild caught fish like salmon. Need to quickly boost your milk supply? Eat liver!

    Also pay attention to what you eat and how it affects your baby! Certain foods can make your baby fussy, gassy or even give them diaper rash. Eliminate foods that may irritate your baby so that breastfeeding is easier. This list of foods to avoid while breastfeeding can help.”

    Get a FREE breastfeeding meal plan here.

    More Resources for First Time Moms

    These are some additional resources that you will want to read as a first time mom.

    Make sure to save one of these PINS for later!

    First time Mom? Check out these beginner breastfeeding tips. The best tips on how to make breastfeeding easier from DAY 1.

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    4 thoughts on “Beginner Breastfeeding Tips All First Time Moms Should Know

    1. My biggest tip is to check in with yourself and with baby. Use this as a guide for your breastfeeding journey. When mom or baby isn’t happy anymore, then it might be time to end it. Mental health is an important factor to consider. This can also apply to nursing past a year or tandem nursing. I found myself in both of these situations and people around me certainly had their opinions. Blocking them out and focusing on how my kids and I felt was the best thing I’ve done. Breastfeeding until 2 was right for us even if others had a different opinion.

    2. My biggest advice is find other moms who breastfeed! Even a Facebook group of breastfeeding moms will do. The ‘professionals’ always made me nervous but I could relate to other moms. And also there’s solutions to almost any issues that you have. some may be harder than others but the key is to keep trying, it’s so worth it.

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