One Week Meal Plan (EASY + Clean Eating)

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Hey there Mama! Are you trying to grow a healthy baby? Or, are you breastfeeding and hungry constantly? Do you have a bunch of hungry mouths to feed? This clean eating meal plan is for you! Here you will find a mix of clean eating, real food meal ideas that you can eat throughout the week.

The focus of this meal plan is on quick and easy recipes that are family-friendly and can support Moms during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding.

Check out this post for more on the batch cooking system I use as a busy Mom to meal plan for my family of 7.

Meal Planning Ideas for Your Busy Week

Ready to get meal planning? Here are a few recipes and ideas to help get healthy meals on the table (with less stress). Choose recipes from this list and then write out all the ingredients you will need.

If you are looking for a complete plan with a grocery list, check out our clean eating family meal plan here.

And sign up below to get your FREE clean eating grocery list and meal planners to help!

Before you go grocery shopping, make sure to check out these unique tips for how to save hundreds on groceries.

Looking for a done for you, easy to follow pregnancy meal plan and grocery list? This awesome resource includes 5 meal plans especially for each phase of pregnancy made by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Get access here.

Make sure to check out our Clean Eating Meal Plan for Fall too! It has a meal plan all based on Fall foods and ingredients.

Healthy Drink of the Week

It’s a good idea to include drink prep in your meal plan too. Drinks that prep well include healthy iced tea, smoothie packs or infused waters.

Red Raspberry Leaf Iced Tea – this iced tea is perfect for pregnant moms, but also good for postpartum recovery and helping milk supply if breastfeeding. If you experience lots of painful period symptoms, this is also a great tea to drink daily.

Make a big batch and drink all week! This mason jar tea dispenser is great for making big batches of drinks to prep for the week.


Breakfast is a super important meal to help get your day started off right. If your morning are super busy, these are some healthy recipes that can also options easily be taken on the go.

Here are 3 breakfast ideas to alternate throughout the week.

#1 – Easy Healthy Breakfast Egg Muffins – these egg “muffins” are great for an easy make ahead breakfast.

#2 – Whole30 Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl – sweet potatoes are filled with nutrients and can even help boost milk supply. 

#3 – Meal Prep: Breakfast Bistro Box! Need a breakfast you can take with you? These make ahead breakfast boxes are perfect for busy mornings!

Want more breakfast ideas, read this post with even more healthy pregnancy breakfast ideas.

AND this one with 12 Make Ahead Clean Eating Breakfast Ideas


Need easy healthy lunches? Here are a few ideas to try this week.

#1 – Greek Chicken Meal Prep Bowls – These are made with marinated grilled chicken, cucumber salad, and tzatziki!

#2 – Curry Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps – Need a milk supply boost? Try this amazing chicken salad for lunch.

Need tips for making meal planning work for your family? This post has 5 simple Meal Planning Ideas for Busy Families


By the end of the day all Moms just want healthy dinner ideas that are easy to make! Here are some of our favorite clean eating dinner ideas that are delicious and don’t take a lot of time in the kitchen.

#1 – Quinoa Veggie “Fried Rice” – makes a great meal or side dish.

#2 – Chicken Tamale Casserole – this is a family favorite that is easy to make with pre cooked shredded chicken.

#3 – Turkey Meatball and Kale Soup – Because we all could use more greens in our life, try this hearty soup made in about 30 minutes.

#4 – Autumn Kale Apple and Quinoa Salad – More greens and veggies ladies!! This is the perfect fall salad.

#5 – Slow Cooker Mediterranean Chicken – super easy and tasty! Plus you can use the leftovers for the Greek Chicken Meal Prep lunch bowls above! #winwin

Need an easy healthy side dish to go with dinner? Check out this Asparagus and mushroom recipe!

Want more dinner recipes? Check out this list of over 25 dinner ideas featuring superfoods!

Breastfeeding Mom? These soup recipes are great for boosting milk supply!

Snacks and Treats

Meal prepping snacks is a must if you are trying to eat clean. Try some of these healthy snacks and treats you can eat without guilt!

Lactation Granola – so many superfoods in this homemade granola recipe. Perfect for pregnant and breastfeeding moms and kids too. A nice alternative to cereal.

Pumpkin Energy Bites – so perfect for pregnant mamas as these have date fruit which can help you have a faster labor. 

Healthy fudge recipe – Get more healthy fats + satisfy your sweet tooth with this yummy healthier fudge!

For more clean eating snack ideas click here!

For the Little Ones

Ideas for your baby or toddler! When you have little ones, it’s important to meal prep for them too. Here are some clean baby led weaning recipes to try!

Baby Food Oatmeal Bites – like superfood for babies!

Zucchini Muffins for Baby – Easy low sugar and dairy free muffins for baby led weaning.

Need even more ideas for how to feed your growing family healthy meals? Definitely check out this free ebook with 20 healthy, quick family meals made from all real food ingredients. It’s a super helpful resource for busy moms.

Clean Eating Family Meal Plans

This is a short list of some of our favorite meal planning services. All of these offer great healthy options for helping you get dinner on the table.

Busy Mom Meal Prep – a one week meal plan with make ahead meal. Simple prep step all laid out for you, plus a grocery list and easy to follow recipes for healthy eating with a family.

$5 Meal Plan – is a great option for Mom’s on a budget. There are so many awesome weekly meal plans to try including options for gluten free, and even freezer meals! Try it out for 14 days FREE here. 

Prep Dish – this is a good option for Mom’s who eat gluten free or paleo. Check out there unique program that includes a grocery list and detailed prep day instructions and recipes. Get a FREE 2 week trial here. 

More on Clean Eating Meal Planning from Birth Eat Love

Our passion here at Birth Eat Love is helping busy moms make healthy eating easier. We have tons of resources to help nourish you through motherhood.

Learn how to get started with clean eating. It’s our beginner’s guide with tips to jumpstart your family to healthy eating without stress.

Make sure to sign up for your free grocery shopping list below with all the best foods to eat healthy. This will help you know what to buy when you shop.

Our tips for healthy eating on a budget can be very helpful for saving money on your grocery bill.

Check out this simple 5 day meal plan which makes a great post baby meal plan.

Want to make meal prep for your family easier? Have you tried batch cooking? It’s a great way to make sure you have healthy foods on hand for a busy week. This guide to healthy batch cooking for beginners can help you get started.

Are you a busy mom with little time to cook? These time saving kitchen tips for busy families can help you learn how to make healthy eating happen (not just a bunch of recipes on your Pinterest Boards!).

For more on how to stock your fridge before baby arrives, check out our Ultimate Food List.

Eat healthier with less stress! Real food meal plan recipe ideas for 1 week. Perfect for busy pregnant and breastfeeding moms. Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and baby/toddler snacks. #mealplan

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