Guilt Free Lactation Desserts & Treats (Dairy free + Gluten Free)

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It’s hard making milk all day. That’s why breastfeeding Mamas need a treat every once and awhile. And you deserve a treat that is filled with breastfeeding friendly foods that won’t jeopardize your postpartum diet goals or make your baby fussy. So whether you are going dairy free while breastfeeding, or just want to boost your milk supply while noshing on chocolate, this list of lactation desserts is for you.

What if you could indulge your sweet tooth and help increase your milk supply?

You can! This list of lactation desserts includes all recipes that are:

Now that means no feeling guilty that you are eating tasty treats. 

Or feeling restricted because you can’t have dessert during the holidays.

We’ve gathered together a mix of desserts for breastfeeding moms that you can make yourself including lactation cookies, lactation bars and even lactation ice cream. 

There are also some lactation treats that you can purchase, just in case you aren’t up for baking and juggling a baby. 

Most of the lactation recipes you come across use lots of refined sugar and wheat flour. But you really can make desserts more healthy by changing just a few ingredients so that you can indulge guilt free. 

So if you are looking for some wholesome, clean lactation dessert recipes, these are some really delicious recipes you will enjoy. 

Still trying to figure out how to eat healthy while breastfeeding? Check out these clean eating breastfeeding diet tips.

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The Best Healthy Lactation Desserts

These recipes are all fairly healthy, contain clean ingredients and help to boost milk supply.

The lactation recipes included in this list are gluten free and dairy free, so you can indulge without worrying that what you are eating will bother your baby or your healthy eating ideals.

Lactation Treats To Buy

Would prefer to buy your lactation treats? There are a bunch of yummy options on online that include ingredients that can help your milk supply.

Below are a few of our favorites.

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