41 Healthy Lactation Recipes to Increase Milk Supply

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Looking for ideas of what to eat while breastfeeding? Want recipes to increase milk supply? Breastfeeding requires a lot of fuel to produce breast milk and keep your energy up. This list of lactation recipes will give you some good ideas of what to eat when breastfeeding for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, smoothie recipes and even lactation dessert so that you don’t have to feel hungry all the time. 

There are certain foods that you want to avoid while breastfeeding especially if your baby is experiencing colic, lots of gas or has acid reflux.

This list includes only lactation boosting recipes with foods that are considered good for breastfeeding.

It also has a special focus on milk making foods. Eating more milk making foods, called galactagogues, can help you easily have a plentiful milk supply for your baby. 

So stop feeling like there is nothing you can eat while breastfeeding. Or that you can only eat plain and bland foods. 

That is not the case!

You can eat a wide variety of foods and flavors and still encourage quality breast milk production while being mindful of the foods that can irritate your baby.

You can even eat to lose the baby weight if that is one of your goals. 

All the lactation recipes in this list are:

  • support breastfeeding
  • clean eating
  • low carb
  • gluten free
  • dairy free
  • and super tasty

Think of this post as an easy menu for breastfeeding mothers! Choose a recipe from each category and you will have an easy meal plan that supports lactation

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Lactation Breakfast Recipes

best lactation breakfast recipes
Image from the Minimalist Baker

All of these breakfast ideas for breastfeeding will help you start you day with more energy and are fairly easy to make. 

1 – Dark Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl from the Minimalist Baker – quinoa is an amazing superfood and can help you make more breast milk. This indulgent breakfast bowl is loaded with good for you ingredients including coconut milk, dark chocolate, berries and hemp and chia seeds. This is a delicious and power packed way to start your morning for more energy throughout the day. 

2 – Lactation Oatmeal from Birth Eat Love- why just have plain old boring oatmeal, when you could have superfood boosted oatmeal with foods that help increase milk supply! Oatmeal is a known galactagogue for increasing milk supply and this version is creamy, delicious and has extra protein.

3 – Lactation Overnight Oats from Birth Eat Love – a make ahead oatmeal for breastfeeding. This is perhaps the best breakfast to meal prep for breastfeeding. Perfect for grab and go breakfast.

4 – Strawberry + Coconut Overnight Quinoa from Simply Quinoa – have you tried overnight quinoa? This is a great way to use up leftover quinoa and have an easy breakfast on hand for mornings you are super tired from being up with baby. Great for boosting milk supply and energy!

5 – Loaded Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl from Birth Eat Love – did you know that sweet potatoes are another great food for boosting lactation? This recipe for loaded sweet potatoes is an easy vegan and gluten free breakfast. Bake a bunch of sweet potatoes for dinner and make extras to heat quickly in the morning. You can play around with the toppings to make it more fun. 

6 – Sausage and Kale Make Ahead Egg Muffins from Fox and Briar – Mama, you need this easy make ahead breakfast in your life! These egg muffins are a low carb, grain free, and high protein making them a perfect breakfast for breastfeeding moms. Make a batch on the weekend and just heat and eat for a simple and healthy breakfast when you don’t feel like cooking. 

Lactation Friendly Lunch Ideas

Lactation lunch recipes
Image from Joy Food Sunshine

Eating lunch can be a challenge for a lot of breastfeeding moms. If you are juggling life at home with a newborn, sometimes the last thing you are thinking about is what to make for lunch until you are starving. And if you are working and pumping you need a hearty lunch you can take with you to fuel you through the afternoon and help get the milk flowing.

These lunch ideas are all make ahead recipes that you can have on hand for when hunger strikes, or take with you on the go.  That way you don’t have to think about what to eat, you can just grab your healthy pre-made option. 

7 – Curry Chicken Salad from The Real Food Dietitians – This chicken salad is a must make for breastfeeding moms. It includes curry powder which has the lactation boosting herb fenugreek.

8 – Mayo-free Avocado Egg Salad from the Roasted Root – super simple to make with only 4 ingredients. Egg salad is great severed on gluten free bread, with crackers or on a lettuce wrap.

9 – Quinoa and Kale Mason Jar Salad from Pickles and Honey – Salads in a jar are a great healthy make ahead lunch for breastfeeding. This recipe features 2 lactation super foods – quinoa and chickpeas.

10 – The Superfood Wrap from Young and Raw – This wrap is loaded with good for you, lactation boosting ingredients. It includes chickpeas, kale, sweet potatoes, quinoa and carrots for a hearty and filling lunch. It is gluten free and vegan. Make a big batch of the filling ahead of time so you can throw this together quickly when hunger strikes. 

11 – Baked Black Bean & Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers from Joy Food Sunshine – This is a great make ahead recipe that can be frozen and quickly reheated at lunch. These burgers have the lactation boosters sweet potatoes and oatmeal. They can be eaten by themselves (one handed when needed), over a salad, or on gluten free bread. 

Easy Homemade Lactation Snack Recipes

Lactation snacks - energy bites
Image from Vigor it Out

Having healthy snacks on hand while breastfeeding is an absolute MUST. These recipes are easy, homemade ideas that are low in sugar and contain healthy ingredients. 

No time or patience to make your own snacks? Check out this list of prepackaged healthy breastfeeding snacks.

12 – Banana Lactation Muffins from Birth Eat Love – lactation muffins are the best for easy snacks on the go. These banana nut muffins are made with brewer’s yeast, coconut oil and maple syrup instead of sugar for a slightly healthier treat. Gluten free and dairy free too!

13 – The Best DIY Superfood Lactation Energy Bites from Birth Eat Love – I created this easy lactation bites recipe to satisfy my hunger (and sweet tooth) while breastfeeding my 4th baby. I am so excited to have it featured over at Vigor it Out. You can make this recipe pretty quickly in one bowl with ingredients you probably already have on hand. These give you a nice little energy boost. Just make sure to make a double batch, as they go quickly!

14 – Lactation Boosting Trail Mix from Naturally Free Life – This lactation snack is so easy to make and much healthier than most store bought trail mixes you will find. This trail mix is loaded with protein and healthy fats making it the perfect snack to keep in your breastfeeding station and munch on while feeding baby. 

15 – Blueberry Lactation Muffins from Birth Eat Love – soft and moist blueberry lactation muffins made with coconut and banana. Dairy free and gluten free.

16 – Lactation Granola from Birth Eat Love – a must try recipe filled with healthy fats and milk boosting ingredients. This one is made with less sugar too. It’s great as cereal, over yogurt or just eaten by itself.

17 – Healthy Lactation Granola Bars from Eco Living Mama – These granola bars are so awesome for boosting milk supply with all good for you ingredients. This recipe is dairy free and uses honey for sweetener rather than sugar! This is a great make ahead snack for breastfeeding Moms. 

18 – Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Lactation Muffins from Birth Eat Love – If you have been looking for a lactation muffin that is actually healthy, look no further! This recipe is flour free, sugar free and oil free! 

19 – Apple Pie Lactation Energy Bites (Dairy Free & Gluten-Free) from Birth Eat Love – this energy bite recipe is sweetened with only date fruit. Flax and oatmeal in these bites will give you a lactation boost. 

20 – No Bake Chocolate Lactation Bars from Birth Eat Love – this is the perfect no bake snack for breastfeeding moms. It is quick and easy to make and contains simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. A totally guilt free snack for you to indulge you sweet tooth. 

21 – Banana Lactation Bread from Birth Eat Love – a delicious and simple lactation quick bread recipe to get the milk flowing. So easy to make and really satisfying for an afternoon snack with a cup of lactation tea.

Lactation Smoothie Recipes and Drinks

Lactation smoothie recipes
Image from Vigor it Out

Lactation smoothies are a great way to boost nutrients while breastfeeding. Try one for breakfast, as a snack or after working out. 

Try out our favorite lactation shake protein powder here. 

For more breastfeeding drinks that increase milk supply click here.

22 – Strawberry Chocolate Lactation Smoothie Recipe from Birth Eat Love – this is the ULTIMATE smoothie recipe for boosting milk supply. It includes the TOP milk boosters mixed with strawberries, peanut butter and chocolate for a delicious treat or snack.

23 – Tropical Lactation Smoothie Recipe with Brewers Yeast from Vigor it Out – This smoothie is loaded with lactation boosting ingredients. It includes brewer’s yeast, oats, flax, papaya and almond milk to fortify and get your milk flowing.  If you are struggling with low milk supply definitely start drinking this smoothie daily for quick results. 

Want to boost milk supply the easy way? You have to try this protein powder I’m loving called Milk Dust. It’s the only protein powder designed specifically for breastfeeding moms to help curb sugar cravings, boost nutrients and help you make more milk. The best part is it’s dairy free, gluten free, plant based and GMO free!

24 – Lactation Latte Recipe with Green Tea from Birth Eat Love – This is a super simple recipe that includes the lactation protein powder and tea. This is a great warm alternative to a smoothie!

25 – Pumpkin oatmeal smoothie from Birth Eat Love – Getting extra protein while breastfeeding can help you feel full longer and lose weight. This smoothie tastes just like pumpkin pie and includes lactation protein powder plus breastfeeding foods to give you an extra boost.

26 – Green Lactation Smoothie from Birth Eat Love – a yummy green smoothie that features mango and blueberry! This lactation smoothie is loaded with nutrients you need to make quality breast milk!

27 – Banana Lactation Smoothie Recipe from Birth Eat Love – tastes like banana pudding, but without all the sugar. This super easy lactation smoothie packs a big punch for boosting milk supply and fatten breast milk.

Try out our lactation smoothie freezer packs! An awesome meal prep for breastfeeding moms.

Dinner Recipes for Breastfeeding

Lactation breastfeeding dinner ideas
from Whole Kitchen Sink

Lactation dinner recipes that will help your produce more breast milk and nourish your body and baby. These are dairy free recipes and are generally safe recipes for breastfeeding mothers with gassy babies or colic. Try out some of these simple, clean eating recipes that are great for the whole family. 

28 – Chicken Soup That Will Increase Your Milk Supply from Birth Eat Love – a great recipe that is passed on from a midwife for getting your breast milk to come in. Definitely worth giving a try!

29 – Creamy Chicken Casserole (Paleo, Whole30 + Dairy-Free) from Real Simple Good – a hearty and comforting recipe that is family friendly and makes leftovers. The nutritional yeast gives it creaminess without milk if you are avoiding dairy while breastfeeding. 

30 – Fenugreek Grilled Chicken from Birth Eat Love – a super easy meal to make that uses the milk boosting herb, fenugreek. Finally a breastfeeding chicken recipe that is versatile and could be eaten on top of salad, as sandwiches, in wraps or in meal prep boxes.

31 – Loaded Taco Sweet Potato Skillet (Paleo, Whole30) from Paleo Running Momma – a yummy skillet meal that contains sweet potatoes and garlic – 2 lactation boosters. There are multiple variations and additions suggested for this recipe to adjust for your family’s tastes. 

32 – Sheet Pan Lemon Garlic Salmon and Veggies from Whole Kitchen Sink – this is a super easy healthy dinner that you can make for dinner with very little effort. Great for nights when you are too exhausted to cook. 

33 – Slow Cooker Whole30 Paleo Korean Beef Stew from Faith Food and Fitness – an amazingly favorable dinner that is so easy because the slow cooker does all the work. 

Looking for more easy breastfeeding dinner ideas? Check out these 9 Breastfeeding Soup Recipes that can all be made in the slow cooker or instant pot!

Don’t want to cook? Need back up options? Check out these soups you can have delivered!

Need more ideas? Check out this collection of recipes that boost lactation for breastfeeding mothers.

Lactation Dessert – Cookies and Sweet Treats

Lactation cookie dough
Image from Real Food RN

Lactation cookies and treats are a super popular way to boost milk supply. Just make sure the treats you choose have good for you ingredients and are low in sugar. These are some healthy lactation desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your weigh loss goals or health. 

Check out our full list of totally Guilt Free Lactation Desserts & Treats perfect for healthy indulgence. 

34 – Healthy Lactation Cookies Recipe from Birth Eat Love – this is a must try recipe that won’t disappoint. These chocolate chip lactation cookies are low in sugar, dairy free and gluten free and loaded with milk boosting ingredients including oatmeal, coconut and flax meal.

35- No-bake Chocolate Cashew Lactation Cookies from Nourish Move Love – adoringly called boobie balls, these no bake lactation cookies are a breastfeeding Mama’s dream – super easy to make, healthy and delicious. 

36 – Oatmeal Cookies for Breastfeeding from Birth Eat Love – a classic oatmeal cookie with added milk boosters and lower in sugar (so slightly healthier!). So good the whole pan will likely vanish quickly!

37 – Pumpkin Lactation Cookies from Birth Eat Love– lactation cookies with pumpkin spice and pumpkin to boost milk supply perfect for Fall (or any time really!)

38 – Lactation Cookie Dough Bites from Real Food RN – love cookie dough? This is an super yummy way to boost milk supply. 

39 – Peanut Butter Lactation Cookies from Birth Eat Love – a healthier peanut butter cookie made with maple syrup instead of refined sugar. Includes oatmeal and flax for milk supply and a hint of chocolate for a unique twist on this classic cookie recipe.

40 – Paleo Lactation Cookies from Veggie Staples – a truly good for you lactation cookie that is low in sugar and grain free. 

41 – Lactation Brownies from Organiclly Addison

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