Breakfast Ideas for Breastfeeding Moms

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Getting up after a night of the ups and downs of nursing a baby can make for some rough mornings. Breakfast is time to recharge and set the foundation for making milk all day long. Here youll find some tasty breakfast ideas for breastfeeding moms to help keep the milk flowing and give you energy to make it through the day.

Breakfast is most important meal of the day NOT TO SKIP when you are breastfeeding. Being able to produce breast milk consistently is dependent on having a good store of nutrients. Thats why its important to eat regularly and follow a breastfeeding meal plan to support healthy milk supply.

Whether you are new to breastfeeding, or been breastfeeding for awhile, breakfast is always one of the meals that Mamas struggle with. Especially in the early months when baby is still feeding multiple times a night.

Its early, you didnt get enough sleep, baby wants to eat, and you need something to get you going.

With all that in mind, these breastfeeding breakfast ideas:

  • Are easy to make
  • Can be made ahead for an easy grab and go option
  • Contain lactation foods for milk supply
  • Are breastfeeding diet friendly
  • Contain some protein & healthy fats for extra energy and less sugar crashes

Been wondering what to eat when breastfeeding? Keep scrolling, youve come to the right place.

Below youll find breastfeeding breakfast recipes and an easy breastfeeding breakfast meal prep.

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Breakfast Foods to Increase Milk Supply

There are lots of foods that increase milk supply that are good for breakfast. These foods will not only help boost milk production, but they will also supply you with the added nutrients needed for keeping energy up and recovering postpartum.

Try making your breastfeeding breakfast with these foods daily to help ensure a healthy milk supply.

Good breakfast foods while breastfeeding

Another important aspect of making milk is getting enough protein. Breastfeeding mothers are recommended to intake about 100 g of protein per day. Eating protein for breakfast is also a good way to curb blood sugar spikes.

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Goods sources of protein for breakfast while breastfeeding include:

  • beef
  • turkey and chicken sausage
  • black beans
  • cottage cheese
  • nuts and nut butters
  • eggs

Protein shakes while breastfeeding are also a convenient option for getting in extra protein while breastfeeding, and great for breakfast too.

Read our full review of the best protein powders for breastfeeding here.

Breastfeeding Breakfast Ideas

Now that we know what foods are good for breakfast while breastfeeding, lets look at some easy ideas with healthy lactation recipes that you can make.

These are some ideas of things you can eat for breakfast while nursing. Weve made sure to include protein in each suggestion. The recipes are all linked below.

Healthy breastfeeding drinks are also suggested so that you dont have to rely on solely on coffee to get going in the morning. Always start you day with water, and then try one of these lactation combos below to jump start milk making.

High Protein Breastfeeding Breakfast Combos

Lactation granola bar + Lactation shake - This is my hassle free breakfast with no effort required for days when I have NO energy for cooking

Lactation Oatmeal + Scrambled Eggs + Turkey Sausage + Gluten free Toast + Ultimate Lactation Smoothie - The BIG Breakfast for milk making!

Banana Lactation Bread + Eggs (favorite way) + Lactation Tea

Lactation Granola + Yogurt (Greek or Coconut) + Green Tea Lactation Latte

Scrambled Eggs + Black Beans + Avocado Toast + Banana Lactation Smoothie

Blueberry Lactation Muffin + Turkey Sausage + Eggs + Green Lactation Smoothie

Banana Lactation Muffin + Cup of Atole de Avena for breastfeeding

Protein Powder Chia Pudding

Breastfeeding Box (see below) + Lactation Protein Shake

Now check out all our favorite recipes for Breakfast!

Breakfast Recipes for Breastfeeding Moms

The best healthy breastfeeding breakfast recipes with foods that support milk supply.

Breakfast Meal Prep for Breastfeeding Moms

This is an easy breastfeeding meal prep that you can do ahead so that you can have a lactation breakfast without much effort when you wake up. Prepping ahead gives you lots of one handed, grab and go options, so you can still eat while you hold baby and/or nurse.

What to Make:

For the Breastfeeding Breakfast Box youll need:

Planning ahead with some healthy make ahead breakfasts can really help to get the day off to a better start when you are a breastfeeding mom.

Let us know in the comments which of these breastfeeding breakfast ideas you are going to try!

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