6 Ways Coconut Can Help Breastfeeding Moms

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Dont be surprised if you find coconut or coconut oil pretty high up on the list of recommended foods for breastfeeding moms. This superfood has become extremely popular in recent years and is being used as a natural remedy for everything from fat burning and enhancing skin health to being an excellent antioxidant source and improving oral health.

And it turns out, coconut and coconut-based products, especially coconut oil, hold a place of special value for lactating mothers. They can act as a galactagogue and boost breastmilk supply, offer a nutritional and energy boost, and do a lot more!

But with all that said, are these benefits really backed up by research and how can you get the benefits of coconut while breastfeeding? Scroll down and keep reading to find out, plus some breastfeeding recipes with coconut.

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How Exactly is Coconut Good for Breastfeeding Mothers?

Coconut in almost all its forms- fresh coconut, desiccated coconut, coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut oil, are all excellent for moms who are breastfeeding.

How and why- you may ask. Well, it does that in 6 different ways. 

1 - Coconut is a Good Source of Healthy Fats while Breastfeeding

As a breastfeeding mom, the focus should be on adding more healthy, nutritious, and energy-rich foods to your diet.

Coconut and coconut products are a great way to do that. Coconut is rich in healthy fats, which can be great to fulfill a nursing moms increased energy needs, which in turn, encourages the body to produce more breastmilk. 

The healthy fat content in coconut oil can also be a plus for low birthweight babies, as per a study. It was found that when coconut oil was added to the feed of babies who had low birth weight, it acted as a supplement, and led to better weight gain in those babies.

Another bonus is the fact that this oil is actually easy for a babys immature digestive system to absorb. 

The added fat in breast milk from coconut can help nourish your baby, gain weight easier and even help them sleep longer.

Not sure how to eat more coconut oil? Try this healthy coconut oil fudge for an easy way to get more healthy fats in your day.

2 -Coconut is Rich in Essential Nutrients needed when Breastfeeding

Offering major health benefits and a wide variety of essential nutrients, coconut is popular among health enthusiasts around the globe.

Apart from being a good source of healthy fats, they are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which have been credited to have anti-inflammatory action. The meat from the fruit is a good source of fiber too, which can be beneficial for the digestive system making coconut a great addition to your breastfeeding diet.

Coconuts are rich in antioxidants, which help fight free radical damage and can improve your brain and skin health. They are also chock full of important micronutrients including vitamins C, E, B complex and minerals like calcium, magnesium, selenium, phosphorous, and iron. 

3 - Coconut Water Helps Hydration while Breastfeeding 

Coconut water is often termed as Mother Natures sports drink, and thats because of how perfect it is when it comes to replenishing the bodys fluids and maintaining electrolyte balance.

Having coconut water at any stage of motherhood is beneficial, but even more so postpartum and while breastfeeding.

This is because the more you keep yourself hydrated, the better your breastmilk production will ultimately be. 

This is my favorite coconut water for breastfeeding because of the peach, mango flavor!

Coconut water is super refreshing too- and can help cool you down during the hot summers. Plus, just a glass can give your body more potassium than a banana, along with a good proportion of restorative electrolytes.  

4 - Coconut Increases Antimicrobial Properties in Breast Milk

One of the most powerful ways coconut, specifically coconut oil can help lactating mothers is by improving the antimicrobial action of breastmilk.

Breastmilk is called liquid gold for a reason- it is packed with antimicrobial agents and has the exact unique composition that a growing baby needs. 

Coconut oil, when consumed, can increase the amount of lauric acid in breastmilk, which can, in turn, protect boost the babys immunity, help it fight infections, and offer protection against many diseases.

Whats best is the fact that this theory is actually supported by science, and theres a study on breastfeeding moms that backs it up. The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil get transferred into breastmilk when the mother ingests it, which helps make breastmilk better and can better protect your baby against bacteria and viruses. 

5 - Coconut can Increase Milk Supply

Many nursing moms wonder - does coconut water increase milk supply? and does coconut milk increase breast milk?

Coconut water, coconut milk and coconut oil can all help increase milk supply.

Because of the reasons listed above most Breastfeeding moms will notice a difference in the amount of milk produced per feeding session after consuming coconut. This may be more evident if you are pumping, or expressing milk regularly, than if you exclusively breast feed.

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6 - Coconut Can Help Heal the Body Postpartum

Coconut oil in specific can be a lifesaver for postpartum moms and new moms. It can act as a great natural diaper rash cream for the baby, and double up as a nipple cream. The nourishment it offers can be wonderful for sore, dry, and even cracked nipples, which is a common problem faced by a lot of moms while breastfeeding.

In fact, it is even better than most commercially available nipple creams and diaper rash creams out there in the sense that it is natural and chemical-free.

It can also be applied topically to hydrate the skin, or on the abdomen to heal stretch marks, c section scars, or tears from childbirth.

How to get the Benefits of Coconut while Breastfeeding

Coconut, in its many forms, is an incredibly flavorful and versatile ingredient. 

If you are planning on making coconut oil a part of your routine, remember to choose extra virgin coconut oil, ideally, the cold-pressed variety, like this one. You might find it priced slightly higher than your regular coconut oil, but thats just because it is so much better with no heat treatment done during extraction, which can help preserve the natural aroma, nutrients, and composition of the oil. 

4 Easy Ways to Use Coconut while Breastfeeding

Ways to use coconut while breastfeeding - coconut milk, coconut water, coconut oil, shredded coconut

You can use coconut milk or cream and add it to your curries and soups to make them more thick and creamy. Check out these soups for breastfeeding for more ideas.

Add coconut milk into your smoothies and milkshakes to make them more nutritious, or sip on plain coconut water as a refreshing drink.

Even add it to your favorite lactation teas

Overall coconut is an excellent breastfeeding drink.

Swapping your regular cooking oil with coconut oil is another excellent healthy change you can make, which can have a positive impact on the quality of your breastmilk. The oil can also be used as a replacement for butter and shortening in baked goods like these blueberry lactation muffins and cakes. 

You can also top your salads and breakfast bowls with desiccated, shredded or freshly grated coconut. 

The meat from the coconut fruit can be also relished as is, or eaten as dried chips for a healthy snack. 

Check out our breastfeeding snack recipes ebook for more healthy homemade snack ideas!

Lactation Recipes with Coconut

And if youre on the hunt for some easy coconut lactation supporting recipes to whip up, here are a few good ones you might want to check out. 

Lactation Oatmeal Recipe with Blueberries and Coconut

This oatmeal recipe for breastfeeding is loaded with coconut goodness - creamy coconut milk, shredded coconut and coconut oil.

Easy Green Lactation Smoothie

Make this fruit green smoothie with coconut milk for a refreshing, milk boosting snack or breakfast.

Apple Pie Lactation Energy Bites

These yummy homemade lactation balls have shredded coconut and coconut oil in them.

Healthy Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies Recipe

These chunky and chewy cookies for breastfeeding will soon be your favorite. They are made dairy free with coconut oil and coconut milk.

No Bake Lactation Bars Recipe

Super easy to make lactation snack bars made with coconut oil.

no bake lactation bars

Coconut Banana Lactation Smoothie

A ultra creamy breastfeeding smoothie to help fatten up breast milk with full fat coconut milk.

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