Pregnancy Date Smoothie for Labor

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This pregnancy date smoothie for labor is sweet and tart and the perfect refreshment for getting your body ready for the hard work of labor. Drink this smoothie throughout pregnancy to get the full benefits of date fruit, but especially in the third trimester and the days leading up to labor.

This is just one of the great pregnancy recipes that are featured on this site to help you get more nutrients for growing a healthy baby. 

Pregnancy smoothies are delicious way to get extra nourishment during pregnancy.  In the first trimester, smoothies can be easier to stomach when you are nauseous, rather than a full meal. Later in pregnancy, try them as snacks, or as a healthy pregnancy breakfast.

When making pregnancy smoothies be sure to include:

  • real food ingredients
  • protein and healthy fats to balance the sugars of the fruit
  • pregnancy superfoods

This smoothie is special because it contains one little pregnancy superfood that has many benefits for preparing the body for childbirth.  

Have you heard that eating date fruit during pregnancy can help you have a faster labor?

Eating 6 date fruit a day during pregnancy has been shown to help:

  • ripen the cervix
  • shorten the onset of labor
  • reduce the need for induction


Check out this list of foods that induce labor for more ideas.

There are many ways to eat date fruit during pregnancy. Adding this delicious fruit to smoothies is perhaps one of the easiest – all you need is a few simple ingredients and a blender.

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Date Smoothie for Labor

This smoothie is both for preparing your body for labor and for drinking during labor. 

Because dates help prepare the body for labor, it’s a good idea to add them to your smoothies throughout pregnancy. 

If you can, start drinking this smoothie in the third trimester to help your body prepare for childbirth. However, the earlier you start, the more likely you can reap the benefits of eating date fruit.

When you are going into labor, you may not want to eat a big meal. Depending on how long labor lasts, it’s a good idea to have some easy labor snacks and drinks for nourishment and energy.

This smoothie is perfect for labor. It’s cool, refreshing and has a nice burst of sweetness from the berries and the date fruit.

If you are looking to jump start labor, check out these Labor Inducing Recipes!

You can also add a scoop of this protein powder for pregnant moms for even more added nutrition.

There’s another drink that many Moms swear helps with having a fast labor. Read more about the benefits of raspberry leaf tea here. 

If you are looking for a sure fire drinks to induce labor, check out this labor inducing tea recipe, or this drink to naturally induce labor called Midwives Brew.

What kind of dates for labor?

There are two common types of date fruit that can generally be found in the US. Both types contain roughly the same nutritional value, so either type is good to eat during pregnancy.

There are medjool dates. These are the larger dates. They are often described as having a soft chewy texture and caramel like flavor. This is the best deal on medjool dates on Amazon. 

You can also use Noor dates. These are usually a little easier to find in grocery stores, located next to the raisins and dried fruit.

Or you can find them here in bulk on Amazon. 

You want whole dates, not chopped. And the dates should be soft and moist, not hard. 

How to use dates in smoothies

There’s one important thing to know about using date fruit in smoothies.

If you soak the dates for 15-30 minutes before blending, your smoothie will come out way smoother. 

Skip this step and it still tastes great, you will just have tiny chunks of date fruit when you sip. 

pregnancy smoothie for labor

Date Smoothie for Pregnancy

Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

This smoothie is a delicious blend of cherries, berries, greens and date fruit for added nutrition during pregnancy and to help prepare for labor.


  • 1-2 cups cherry berry frozen fruit mix
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup of mixed baby greens
  • 4-6 date fruit
  • 16 oz almond milk


  1. Cover 4-6 date fruit with water in a small bowl or container and soak for 30 minutes. Then drain. (optionals)
  2. Add the fruit, greens and dates to the blender.
  3. Add almond milk or nut milk of choice.
  4. Blend for 2 minutes.
  5. Pour into glass and enjoy!


If using the smaller Deglet Noor dates use 6 pieces. If using the larger Medjool Dates, use 4 pieces of fruit.

It is not necessary to soak the dates ahead of time, but doing so will help the smoothie to come out smoother.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 1 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 669Total Fat: 8gSaturated Fat: 1gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 5gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 52mgCarbohydrates: 154gFiber: 25gSugar: 110gProtein: 14g

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