10 Oatmeal Recipes for Pregnancy – Easy Healthy Breakfast

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Are you looking for wholesome, nutritious pregnancy breakfast ideas? A versatile and nutrient-rich grain like oatmeal can be a great addition to your pregnancy diet. We’ve gathered ten tasty oatmeal recipes for pregnancy that satisfy the nutritional requirements of expectant mothers.

These recipes offer a variety of flavors and superfood combinations to keep you and your baby in the best possible shape, whether you prefer steel-cut oats, old-fashioned oats, baked, or overnight oats.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when you are pregnant! Oatmeal makes a great morning meal or even a healthy snack. And during early pregnancy, many Moms rely on the simple nutrition of oatmeal during pregnancy.

Scroll on, and you’re sure to find your new favorite oatmeal recipe for pregnancy. Plus learn the benefits of oatmeal while pregnant and a little tip for optimizing every bowl of your pregnancy oatmeal!

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Is Oatmeal Good for Pregnancy?

You might be wondering if oatmeal is good for pregnant women. Or if you can you eat oatmeal while pregnant?

Oatmeal is a great source of complex carbohydrates, giving you energy all day long. This is especially helpful when you’re pregnant because weariness is very common and complex carbs are what can work to keep the energy levels stable and promote healthy weight gain.

Benefits of Oatmeal during Pregnancy:

  • high in fiber
  • helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract
  • promotes regular bowel movements
  • wards off constipation, which is a typical problem during pregnancy.
  • rich source of essential nutrients including iron, calcium, and B vitamins that support the growth and development of your baby.
  • contains beta-glucans, a kind of soluble fiber found in oatmeal, that helps control blood sugar levels and may be helpful for pregnant women who are at risk for gestational diabetes.

So a cup of oats is among the best foods to eat while pregnant and can be a good addition to your healthy diet during pregnancy!

Is instant oatmeal good for pregnancy?

Instant oatmeal is just oatmeal that has been processed more than steel-cut and old-fashioned oatmeal. All three types of oats are nutritionally similar. The extra processing allows it to cook faster but also results in a slightly mushier texture.

While you can eat instant oatmeal while pregnant, it is important to read the label first and make sure you are getting a product in which the ingredients are only “whole grain oats.” Instant oatmeals (like the ones that come in packets) that have added sugar and additives are not good choices for a healthy pregnancy diet.

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Precautions & Tips on Eating Oatmeal During Pregnancy

Even when eating oatmeal, it’s important to watch your carb consumption and only have enough carbohydrates that are needed to meet your daily needs. This is especially important if you have gestational diabetes or are at risk of getting gestational diabetes.

Eating plain oats with just sweetener and/or fresh fruit can cause blood sugar spikes even in healthy mamas so it’s important to be mindful when enjoying oatmeal during pregnancy.

To stabilize blood sugar levels, choose recipes with fewer added sugars and serve your oatmeal with protein and healthy fats.

All of the recipes included here are good examples of ways to optimize the health benefits of your oatmeal while pregnant.

Knowing how to manage your diet during pregnancy is vital to having a healthy pregnancy. You may also want to read up on how to pass the glucose tolerance test for pregnancy so that you can manage the risk of gestational diabetes.

Healthy Oatmeal Recipes for Pregnancy

Let’s now explore these 10 yummy oatmeal recipes, each of which has special advantages for a healthy pregnancy:

1- Superfood Peanut Butter Oatmeal

Fresh blueberries give this protein-rich oatmeal a touch of sweetness naturally, and hemp seeds and walnuts deliver a dose of omega-3 fatty acids for brain growth. While you’re pregnant, the combination of peanut butter and blueberries provides a great number of antioxidants and important nutrients that will boost your immune system and general well-being.

2- Chia Seed and Berry Overnight Oatmeal

These overnight oats are loaded with antioxidant-rich berries and chia seeds, which are excellent sources of protein, fiber, and plant-based omega-3 fatty acids and maintain a strong immune system during pregnancy.

Chia seeds are a good source of calcium, which is necessary for the growth of your baby’s bones. You can also mix in some bananas which will not only serve as an additional energy boost but also a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Also, check out these lactation overnight oats recipes for when your baby comes!

3- Apple-Cinnamon Walnut Oatmeal

This baked oatmeal offers a warming, soothing, and nourishing breakfast while encouraging ideal immunological function for both mum and baby. It is rich in vitamin C from apples. In addition, the anti-inflammatory effects of cinnamon and apples can help reduce pregnancy-related discomfort.

The walnuts give an added crunch and an increase in omega-3 fatty acids, which will help your baby’s nervous system development.

4- Tropical Mango-Coconut Oatmeal

The coconut milk and coconut shreds in this oatmeal are a great source of healthful fats. Vitamin C is abundant in mangoes, supporting your immune system and helping to produce collagen for healthy skin and tissues throughout pregnancy.

With the help of this cooling oatmeal, indulge in a tropical flavor. Rolling oats and coconut milk combine to create a creamy base with juicy mango. Then topped with some shredded coconut for an added burst of flavor and good fats.

5- Chocolate Raspberry Protein Oatmeal

This pregnancy oatmeal recipe will satisfy your chocolate cravings while providing you with a protein boost. It includes ingredients like chocolate protein powder, raspberry and chia seeds, which are also rich in minerals that are necessary for pregnancy.

Antioxidant-rich dark chocolate supports heart health and may lessen stress levels.

Read more about using protein powders during pregnancy.

6- Coconut Mango Oatmeal Smoothie

Drinking smoothies is another great way to enjoy the benefits of oatmeal in your diet. The tropical flavors of coconut and mango make this oatmeal smoothie a perfect choice for reducing pregnancy-related inflammation.

The added soaking of the oats in this smoothie make it super digestible and a good choice for early pregnancy.

Here are more Pregnancy Smoothies for you to try!

7- Mixed Berries and Greek Yogurt Oatmeal Parfait

This oatmeal parfait provides a calcium and probiotic-rich treat featuring an extra protein dose too, promoting both gut and bone health. It is layered with Greek yogurt and mixed berries.

Greek yogurt contains probiotics, and there are many benefits of probiotics during pregnancy that can help you maintain a healthy digestive system.

Chill it well and it will be a healthy great option in place of ice cream and an easy recipe to make during pregnancy. Of course, it’s a great option as a yummy breakfast or an easy snack too.

Find more healthy pregnancy snacks here.

8- Green Power Matcha Oatmeal

This oatmeal is infused with matcha green tea and is high in antioxidants, promoting general health and giving a little energy boost without too much caffeine. Additionally, matcha may help maintain a healthy weight throughout pregnancy by improving metabolism.

Read more about matcha while pregnant to learn more about its benefits.

9- Savory Spinach and Feta Oatmeal Bowl

With this recipe, discover the savory side of oatmeal. It includes feta cheese and spinach, which provide important vitamins and minerals and help to round out a pregnant woman’s diet. You can also use cottage cheese if you like.

Folate, which is essential for preventing neural tube abnormalities in your baby’s early development and also aids in reducing anemia throughout pregnancy, is found in abundance in spinach. A, C, and K vitamins are also present in spinach.

Additionally, it also includes eggs, which are an excellent source of choline, an essential nutrients for helping your baby’s development.

10- Almond Butter and Banana Oatmeal

This oatmeal is rich in healthy fats and critical minerals like potassium that are good for the hearts of both mom and baby. It also has the natural sweetness of bananas and the richness of almond butter.

Almond butter boosts the amount of beneficial monounsaturated fats and vitamin E in the diet, promoting good skin and defending cells from oxidative stress.

This nutritious oatmeal will satisfy your hunger for nutty goodness.

Best Add-ins for Oatmeal while Pregnant

In addition to the featured ingredients in these oatmeal recipes, you can try some other pregnancy-friendly ingredients that go well with a serving of oatmeal and make a great addition such as:

Pomegranate Seeds

Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, pomegranate seeds may give your oatmeal a delicious burst of flavor and color. They support your immune system while you are pregnant and help maintain good blood circulation.

Hemp Hearts

Rich in protein, fiber, and vital fatty acids, hemp hearts are a great addition to oatmeal because they give your baby’s developing brain the building blocks for healthy cell growth.


Dates, which are naturally sweet and high in fiber and folic acid, are a fantastic substitute for refined sugars and can naturally sweeten oats serving as a healthy option in the form of natural sweeteners.

Check out more on how to eat dates during pregnancy! It’s a great little superfood that has lots of benefits during pregnancy.

Sunflower seeds

Packed with vitamin E, magnesium, and selenium, sunflower seeds are an excellent complement to support good skin, immunological function, and general well-being during pregnancy.

Check out this pregnancy grocery list for more ideas on good foods to eat while pregnant.

Nourish Yourself With Oatmeal while Pregnant

A healthy pregnancy and the development of your unborn child are supported by a proper diet. Pregnancy is a time of tremendous physical and emotional changes. These nourishing, nutrient-dense oatmeal recipes can give you the energy, vitamins, and minerals you need during this crucial time to promote your health and the health of your growing baby.

Oatmeal can be a particularly good breakfast in the first trimester as it is easy on the stomach. These methods to relieve morning sickness can also help.

Pregnant moms should eat a balanced diet with healthy foods including a variety of whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

These Healthy Pregnancy Recipes are a good place to start:

Always check with your care provider before making any dietary changes, especially if you have any concerns or medical conditions.

I hope many of these will become your favorite pregnancy oatmeal recipes and serve as either healthy breakfast, healthy snacks, or even a small meal.

Enjoy making these wonderful oatmeal recipes, and here’s to a healthy and joyous pregnancy!

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