Breastfeeding Tips for the Holidays

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Breastfeeding during the holidays can present some challenges. Whether it’s sticking to your recent diet changes, or trying to manage milk supply between outings and events, on top of organizing life for your family during this busy time.

Being a Mom with a new baby this time of year can leave you feeling downright stressed out and overwhelmed.

So I have a few tips that can help you manage the Holidays as a Breastfeeding Mom.

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Tips for Managing Breastfeeding & the Holidays

These are the things that have helped my family enjoy the magic of the holidays with an infant and little ones.

#1 – It’s OK to SAY NO –

Seriously, having a new baby is the magic ticket to declining invitations without feeling guilty.

Say no to non-essential parties, outings, and events. Anything with extended travel…like Marie Kondo says – if it doesn’t bring you joy, let it go….same goes for adding things to your holiday calendar this year.

Be choosey, pick the events that really matter, and forget the rest.

Next year baby will be older and it will be easier to say yes to more things.

#2 – Ignore the NAYSAYERS –

Everybody and their Mama is going to have an opinion on how you do this or that for the baby and on your choice to breastfeed.

Take it with a grain of salt! You are the Mama and you say what goes for your little one. Try not to get caught up in any negative remarks or get discouraged by less-than-friendly comments from random relatives.

You are doing just great regardless of what your MIL thinks!

More tips for handling visitors after birth here.

#3 – Eat BEFORE YOU GO –

If you are trying to avoid dairy or gluten or have any other foods you are avoiding while breastfeeding, it can be a complete bummer to go to a party and see all kinds of foods, you can’t eat right now.

Solution – eat before you go so that way you are full and not tempted. Talk with the hostess ahead of time and see if there will be options you can eat. If not, you could always bring a dish.

Having a stash of these little breastfeeding bites in your purse can help keep the hunger in check too.


So this is one rule I always try to follow before going out with a breastfeeding baby – offer them the breast before leaving.

This should give you a good 2 hours before the next feeding. If they don’t go for it, don’t force it. But at least give them the option.

So you can plan shorter outings within this window, or if your baby is older bring snacks and a sippy cup to keep them satisfied for a bit longer without having to find a place to feed.

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This is great for events with lots of people. It helps to keep your baby feeling secure and will discourage people from trying to hold your little one – which is seemingly nice, but can get overly stressful if it’s not people you want to hold them, or worse they are germy!

These are the 2 baby carriers I recommend:

  1. Moby wrap – for under 6 weeks to 3 months, it’s super soft and cozy
  2. Ergo – 6 weeks to 2 yrs, it’s like a backpack and very practical

Just remember to face baby inward to avoid over stimulation during crowded events.


While this is totally up to you, it can be extremely stressful trying to feed your baby in a crowd.

If you are at a party ask the hostess if there is a place you can sit privately. Most are more than happy to oblige.

Often baby will be overly stimulated by all the action in a crowded space and it can be harder to feed. This can include them popping off while feeding, looking around while feeding, or crying and not being able to latch.

Feeding in a quiet place can give both of you a much-needed few minutes of peace.

If you do have to feed in public, use a nursing cover like this one that actually works.

And having a nursing dress like this one makes for easy access.


Avoiding dairy, gluten, or soy doesn’t have to be a bummer during the holidays. You can make just about any of your favorite recipes by substituting the ingredients with breastfeeding-friendly ones.

Reducing the sugar in recipes can also be helpful for your postpartum diet.

Here’s some of my favorite lactation desserts that you can indulge in without feeling guilty because they are on the healthier side AND have only breastfeeding friendly ingredients. Lactation cookies are also a nice treat during the holidays.

#8 – Keep MILK SUPPLY UP –

With all the holiday craziness, eating healthy…. and well, eating at all may get pushed to the back burner. But that can be a total killer to your milk supply!

Try to stick to a basic breastfeeding meal plan so that your supply stays steady.

I found it really helpful to drink a lactation shake like this one daily when you don’t have time to eat to help keep up milk supply, nutrients, and energy! These drinks to increase milk supply and lactation teas are also good options if supply starts to take a dip.

#9 – Savor the Magic

While it can be a bit corny to say, the holidays really can be a magical time with your little one. Start some simple traditions by gathering these baby’s First Christmas keepsakes like stockings, ornaments, and books so over the coming years you’ll have some special items to treasure.

And if you need ideas for what to get your baby – these Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby are actually useful and help development.

While you are at it treat yourself to one of these gifts for New Moms or these self care gift ideas for Moms. You deserve it!

Just remember Mama to take it one day at a time and try to soak it all in. This can be a really beautiful time of year and life!

Check out my Pinterest board – {Stress Free} Christmas for more ideas!

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