23 Cutest Baby’s First Christmas Stockings (2023)

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The holiday season is nearly here and celebrating baby’s first Christmas is such an exciting milestone!!! This list of baby’s first Christmas stocking ideas will help you commemorate the special day with lasting traditions that your child will cherish for life.

Christmas as a parent can be a mystical time. Not only do you get to revisit some of your greatest childhood experiences, but you get to create new family memories too.

Collecting baby’s first Christmas keepsakes is part of the fun.

It can be difficult to find a stocking for your baby’s 1st Christmas. There are a hundred and one options and so many pros and cons to each one. But that doesn’t make finding a stocking impossible, quite the contrary actually, and this list will help you find the perfect one for your baby.

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Origins of Christmas Stockings

The origin of the first Christmas stockings is said to have begun with Saint Nicholas. The story says that a widower and his 3 daughters were impoverished, but the man was too proud to take any charity.

They had hung their stockings by the fireplace to dry for the morning. Saint Nicholas, knowing the man would refuse gifts, hid gold balls in the stockings.

Over time stockings have evolved from plain everyday socks to stockings made from more luxurious fabrics and beautifully decorated, usually with the name of its owner displayed so Santa knows whose is whose.

Welcoming a new baby to the family is a blessed time and picking the perfect stocking to commemorate their first Christmas is a special endeavor.

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Baby's First Christmas Stockings

A collection of Christmas stockings to celebrate baby's 1st Christmas.

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