15 Personalized Baby Christmas Gifts (Handcrafted with Love)

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There’s something extra special about experiencing a baby’s first Christmas. This magical milestone deserves to be celebrated in a unique and memorable way, and what better way to do that than with personalized baby Christmas gifts that capture the essence of this precious moment?

As you do your holiday shopping this year, in addition to getting some fun baby toys, add a few of these personalized Christmas gifts for baby to your holiday list. They may not realize it now, but personalized baby gifts will turn into Christmas keepsakes that will help save memories for the years to come and make your baby’s first holiday season a truly special moment in their life.

These items will also make a perfect gift if you’re looking for something that’s a little more unique than those generic baby toys and you can get a personalized gift to make them even more special.

You’ll find a wide range of thoughtful and heartwarming gift ideas that will make this holiday season truly unforgettable. From personalized toys and teethers to custom baby blankets and clothing, these are some of our favorite personalized baby Christmas gifts to give this year. 

Many of these gifts would make a unique baby shower gift too!

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What Do You Get a Baby for Christmas?

Baby’s 1st Christmas is so special. It’s only natural to want to get a collection of the best gifts to celebrate so while you are here check out all of our gift guides.

What makes good gifts for baby:

  • Ornaments – Personalized ornaments are one of many great baby gift ideas. There are plenty of unique ornaments that have been compiled into this ultimate list of baby’s first Christmas ornaments. All of these are special keepsakes and thoughtful presents that your child or grandchild will love.
  • Christmas Stocking – a must-have item for Christmas. This list of baby Christmas stockings includes the cutest ones you can customize with your baby’s name.
  • Gifts that Promote Development – there are so many plastic junk toys out there. These baby’s first Christmas gift ideas include items that will help baby learn and grow.
  • Handcrafted gifts – personalized items like you’ll find below that convey a deeper meaning than run-of-the-mill character toys and trinkets.

Best Personalized Christmas Gifts for Baby

Personalized gifts add an extra layer of meaning to the festivities. Check out this collection of baby Christmas gifts that reflect the baby’s individuality, creating a lasting impression that resonates with both parents and little ones alike.

Whether you’re a doting parent seeking the perfect present for your bundle of joy or a loved one searching for a meaningful gift for a special baby in your life, this guide will inspire you with a plethora of personalized options that are crafted with love and care.

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Bunny Ear Teether

Created with handmade pieces of beechwood, this Bunny Ear Teether will make a great personalized baby Christmas gift. You can choose from several different colors and add their name to make it a special gift for your baby with a personalized touch.

Wooden Ball

This Wooden Ball is engraved with your child’s name. Babies can roll it around with their little hands, play with it, and have fun as they play with their very own personalized baby gift.

It’s a great gift to put in baby’s first Christmas stocking, harkening to the legend of gold balls being left by Santa in stockings.

Personalized Stuffed Bunny

Stuffed animals are popular baby Christmas gifts and this Personalized Stuffed Bunny allows you to give them a customized baby gift that they can keep for many years. The monogrammed name is on the bunny ear and is a meaningful gift for the newest addition to the family.

Personalized Baby Sensory Ring

This Personalized Baby Sensory Ring is one of many unique gifts that you can find on Etsy that feature the baby’s first name. You can choose to use a given name or a nickname. Babies will love playing with this cute personalized sensory ring. You can choose from 16 different shapes like an angel, sun, fox, or bear, and customize the colors.

Personalized Baby Blanket

Babies and kids love their blankets so why not get them something special like this personalized Baby Blanket? You can use it on chilly nights or kids can use them to snuggle up with. As they grow older, they’ll love carrying around the blanket with their name on it.

Personalized Wooden Rattle

This wooden baby rattle with their name is a fun sensory gift for babies. It’s made from beechwood and features a variety of different shapes and colors.

Bamboo Weening Set

As babies move up to more solid foods, this personalized Bamboo Weening Set will be a great way to do so. It features a plate with a bear face that can be customized with their name, as well as a bowl and a fork.

Engraved Baby Hairbrush

One of the best sellers on Etsy, this engraved baby hairbrush will be a cute Christmas gift for babies. The bristles on the brush are made with soft bristles so that the brush can actually be used comfortably.

Crochet Rattle For New Baby

Give a gift that they will love playing with. Babies love rattles and this adorable Crochet Rattle for Baby is super cute, soft, and fun.

Personalized Flannel Blanket

We love these adorable Flannel Blankets. You can choose a blanket that has a different theme to it and baby’s name repeats itself along with the chosen pattern. Perfect for a newborn baby. Plus it comes in lots of sizes from crib to toddler bed to full size.

Wooden Name Puzzle

Gift the gift of play and learning with this fun Wooden Name Puzzle. Babies will love playing with a puzzle that features different fun animal characters and their name.

Personalized Children’s Story Book

Who Loves Me? This Personalized Children’s Story Book is one of the sweetest first Christmas gifts that any family member can give. You can read the personalized story each night to your infant.

Teddy Bear Backpack

Super cute and fun for babies, this Teddy Bear Backpack is personalized with baby’s name. You can customize the color of the backpack, the name thread color, and the font style. It’s useful for overnight trips with baby and they will be able to use it for a few years.

Personalized Animal Lovey

A Security Blanket or “lovey” is always a great gift and will give baby comfort. This one features an elephant, bunny, or bear and is customized with their name. It’s also made of super plush, cuddly fabric that baby will love.

Bodysuit and Matching Hat

This adorable Bodysuit and Matching Hat Set is customized with a personal touch of your baby’s name and first initial. The hat features a colorful bow that matches the color of the personalized lettering.

As you prepare to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas, let the spirit of love and togetherness guide your gift-giving journey. The joy of watching their little eyes light up with wonder and excitement is truly priceless.

By choosing personalized gifts that reflect their unique personality and commemorate this special milestone, you’re not only creating cherished memories but also nurturing a tradition that can be passed down through generations.

Embrace the magic of this holiday season and let the warmth of personalized baby’s first Christmas gifts fill your hearts with love and joy.

May this be the start of a lifetime of magical moments for your growing family. Happy holidays!

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