Lactation Shake Mix – Milk Dust Review

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Are you looking for a way to boost your breast milk supply? There’s a great new lactation shake mix called Milk Dust that can help. If you are struggling with having energy while breastfeeding, sugar cravings, maintaining your milk supply or losing the postpartum baby weight, then you are going to want to read on to learn more about this protein powder made especially for breastfeeding moms. 

As a Mama of 5 exclusively breastfed babies, I have tried a lot of different things to boost my milk supply and keep up with the demands of breastfeeding. I breastfed my 4 older kids all over 1 year and am currently breastfeeding my 5th. 

One of things I have learned through my breastfeeding journey is that it super important to take care of yourself. And that means:

  • eating healthy – 3 big meals a day and 2 to 3 snacks as needed
  • staying hydrated 
  • getting plenty of rest 

The only way to keep producing breast milk for your baby is to give your body the fuel it needs to thrive. You need nutrients to keep your body going and to make more milk. 

I have always been a firm believer in eating a healthy diet. There are so many delicious foods that increase milk supply. Incorporating these foods in your weekly breastfeeding meal plan can help you to produce a high quality milk supply for your baby. 

Think that what you eat while breastfeeding doesn’t matter? Think again. This article by my favorite Mama Nutritionist, Lily Nichols explains (with research citations) how you can boost nutrients in breast milk. 

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lactation protein powder for boosting milk supply

Disclosure: I was given a sample of Milk Dust to try. The views expressed in this post are my own. This is my honest review of the lactation shake mix Milk Dust. This post contains affiliate links. Read more about that here.

What is Milk Dust?

Milk Dust is a lactation protein powder to increase breast milk that is one of the only products on the market specifically designed for breastfeeding moms to aid in postpartum healing and weight loss. It contains only high quality ingredients to provide the nourishment you need to make an abundant supply of breast milk. 

Milk Dust Lactation Protein Powder

One of my main struggles with breastfeeding has been keeping up milk supply. I always seemed to do well initially, but as the months go on my supply seems to decrease. Hence, why I have done so much research and digging into the best ways to increase breast milk supply. 

There are many reasons why milk supply goes up and down. One of them can be not eating enough and not getting enough nutrients. 

So when my friend Katie from the Postpartum Cure offered to send me her new product, Milk Dust, I jumped at it. 

I had already been considering buying a protein powder to add to smoothies, but hadn’t quite found a product I was satisfied with. If you are anything like me, you probably have pretty high standards for what you put in your body while feeding your baby. 

The awesome thing about Milk Dust is it is made just for breastfeeding Moms. 

Breastfeeding Protein Powder Milk Dust Ingredients

I was really impressed by the combination of high quality ingredients in this lactation protein powder. 

It includes lactation boosting ingredients:

  • coconut milk
  • flax
  • brewer’s yeast
  • red raspberry leaf
  • chia seed
  • milk thistle
  • brewer’s yeast
  • fenugreek
  • fennel seed

It also has ingredients that can help curb craving and support blood sugar including:

  • cinnamon
  • turmeric
  • stevia

Another thing that I really like about Milk Dust is that it is plant based, gluten free and dairy free. Dairy and wheat are two of the foods to avoid while breastfeeding.

But honestly, the thing that impressed me most about this breastfeeding protein powder is that it contains so many of the good for you breastfeeding foods that you need to eat on a regular basis all in one product. 

More of the nutritious ingredients in Milk Dust:

  • spinach
  • spirulina
  • chlorella
  • 100% of daily value of folate (in it’s best form)
  • vitamin B12
  • magnesium

It also contains 14 gs of protein and only 2 gs of sugar. 

My Review of Milk Dust Protein Powder

When I read the ingredients and saw that it contained stevia, I have to admit I was a little weary. I’m not a big fan of the sweetener. But I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of this lactation shake mix. 

It tastes slightly sweet with a berry flavor that comes from the added blueberries and raspberries. The flavor quickly grew on me and now I look forward to drinking it.

How to use Milk Dust

This is such an easy lactation drink to make.

Just mix in 1 scoop of powder with 12 oz of water. Though I found that it tastes just as good with up to 16 oz of water and gives you more to drink. 

Drinking it as a shake is really great for times when you don’t want to break out the blender, or when your baby won’t let you put them down. I’ve found it easy to make one handed many times.

If you are want a more substantial snack, Milk Dust is also a great addition to lactation smoothies. 

Or try my favorite lactation latte recipe here!

I really like that I feel like I have more energy when I drink this lactation shake even though it has no caffeine.

I noticed a little difference in cravings and found that some afternoons after drinking that I didn’t feel as hungry and could go without a snack.

Need healthy snacks for weight loss after baby? Check out this list of postpartum snacks.

So does Milk Dust help you make more breast milk?

In my experience – yes!

Here’s what I noticed after drinking Milk Dust:

  • that my let down is stronger
  • more milk in the evenings
  • more milk on the other side collected in the Haakaa (if you don’t have one, get one!)

I was having trouble keeping up with the evening cluster feeding with my little one. Drinking this has really helped me produce milk through that period and my baby seems more satisfied. 

However, I did get to the point after a few days of drinking consecutively where I actually had an over supply. This was surprising for me. I froze the extra milk and took a few days off of drinking the shake in order for my milk supply to even back out. 

I’m excited to have the lactation protein powder to use in the coming months as it has always been a challenge for me to keep my supply up with extended breastfeeding. 

How long does Milk Dust take to work?

It takes about 6- 24 hours for the lactation shake to start working. But I found the effects last for up to 48 hours after. 

It definitely varied for me so I think there are a lot of other factors that determine how fast it works. And it will be different for everyone. I just share this to give you an idea. 

I find that if you drink it in the morning that by early evening you can see the difference in your breast milk production.

When I drink it in the late afternoon, it either kicks in in the middle of the night or the next morning. 

Overall Opinion of Milk Dust

If your are a breastfeeding Mom who struggles with milk supply, I recommend you give this lactation shake mix a try.

It’s a super easy way to get more nutrients and breast milk boosting foods into your diet.

It tastes great, is good for you and works relatively quickly. 

You want to try Milk Dust if you are:

  • going through cluster feeding and having trouble keeping up with baby’s demands
  • needing to pump more milk to make a freezer stash
  • doing extended breastfeeding and need a boost to supply
  • having trouble making enough breast milk for your baby
  • want to add extra nutrients to produce high quality breast milk
  • are having lots of sugar cravings and want to jump start weight loss

Where to buy Milk Dust?

There are two options for where to buy Milk Dust lactation protein powder. One is on Amazon, with the advantage of free Prime shipping. The second is on their website where you can subscribe to save, purchase a Milk Dust sample or pay with installments using afterpay. 

Purchase Milk Dust on their website here.

Use the code BIRTHEATLOVE at checkout to get an extra 10% off your order!

And make sure to read all the Milk Dust reviews both on their site and on Amazon. 

Purchase Milk Dust on Amazon here. 

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