5 Best Babymoon Destinations to Travel in Europe for Pregnant Woman

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Pregnant women deserve a vacation break perhaps more than anyone, which is why a babymoon is becoming one of the trendy things to do before baby arrives. It’s a vacation designed for expectant parents, allowing them to relax before the baby is born.

However, when choosing a destination, you should prioritize safety with suitable healthcare facilities. Consultation with a healthcare provider is also essential, depending on the stage of pregnancy and any potential risks. In addition, you should plan for travel itineraries to accommodate comfort, safety, and accessibility, with awareness of travel restrictions and necessary precautions during pregnancy.

Below, check out some of the best babymoon destinations in Europe for pregnant women.

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1 – Mallorca, Spain

With its idyllic landscapes and serene ambiance, Mallorca is an ideal destination for pregnant women to relax. The island has picturesque beaches providing a tranquil setting for short strolls and moments of relaxation, creating a soothing environment for moms-to-be. In addition, Mallorca’s Mediterranean climate ensures pleasant weather, enhancing the overall comfort of the vacation experience.

Mallorca also boasts luxurious resorts and spas catering to those who want to relax, especially pregnant women. Some resorts are offering prenatal treatments and wellness activities designed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. The island’s diverse culinary scene provides a delightful opportunity to savor delectable local cuisine, contributing to a memorable gastronomic experience.

For those seeking cultural enrichment, Mallorca’s historic villages and landmarks offer a charming backdrop for exploration. The island’s traditional Spanish architecture blends seamlessly with modern amenities, catering to diverse interests and ensuring a well-rounded holiday experience. 

With Mallorca’s accessibility, safety, and a perfect balance of tranquillity and cultural richness, it emerges as a top-notch destination for pregnant women looking to celebrate their impending parenthood in a serene environment.

2 – Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is a lovely city along the Garonne River in southwestern France, renowned for its exquisite cuisine, picturesque vineyards, and romantic ambiance. The city’s serene atmosphere provides expectant mothers with a tranquil retreat before their newborns arrive. They can stroll through the charming Old Town, admire historic architecture, stop by quaint cafes, and visit attractions like the stunning Place de la Bourse.

Bordeaux’s world-famous wine region adds a touch of sophistication to the holiday. Mums-to-be can indulge in leisurely tours at renowned chateaux surrounded by lush vineyards. The local gastronomy, featuring delectable French cuisine, further enhances the sensory delights of the trip.

In addition to Bordeaux’s intriguing offerings, pregnant women looking for an indulgent escape can explore France’s wealth of magnificent villa options. These luxury lodgings mix in with the country’s charm, offering pregnant moms a private hideaway to relax in the scenic splendor of France. Whether located in the heart of Bordeaux’s wine country or overlooking stunning landscapes, these villas strike the ideal blend of comfort and elegance.

For a relaxing escape, Bordeaux offers luxurious spa retreats where expectant mothers can enjoy prenatal massages and wellness treatments. The city’s cultural attractions, including museums and art galleries, make Bordeaux ideal for leisure and enrichment.

With its mild climate and scenic landscapes, Bordeaux invites you to unwind in a tranquil setting, fostering precious moments of relaxation before the joyous chaos of parenthood begins.

3- Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia, emerges as an idyllic destination for pregnant mums with its enchanting mix of natural beauty, cultural richness, and serene ambiance. The island’s pristine beaches, such as Dubovica and Palmižana, offer a tranquil setting for expectant parents to unwind and enjoy each other’s company amidst crystal-clear waters and gentle sea breezes.

Hvar’s charming Old Town boasts historic architecture, cobbled streets, and vibrant markets, providing a fascinating backdrop for leisurely strolls. In addition, the laid-back atmosphere and warm hospitality of the locals contribute to a stress-free and nurturing environment for parents-to-be.

Croatia’s delectable cuisine, featuring fresh seafood and Mediterranean flavors, caters to diverse culinary preferences, ensuring a delightful gastronomic experience for expectant parents. Hvar’s vineyards, known for their indigenous grape varieties, invite couples to savor local wines in a scenic setting.

The island’s mild climate, especially during the spring and early summer, adds to its allure as a babymoon haven. With its sun-drenched landscapes and breathtaking sunsets, Hvar creates a memorable and rejuvenating retreat for pregnant women, fostering a sense of tranquillity and relaxation as they prepare for welcoming a new baby and postpartum recovery.

4- Lisbon, Portugal

For expectant mothers looking for a home away from home in Lisbon, the city offers a plethora of charming Portuguese villa rentals that perfectly combine comfort and cultural immersion. These carefully chosen apartments are an excellent retreat for pregnant women, allowing them to unwind peacefully while experiencing the best of Lisbon’s offerings.

It also offers a blending of rich cultural tapestry with a peaceful atmosphere and stunning landscapes. The city’s picturesque neighborhoods, such as Alfama and Bairro Alto, offer a charming backdrop for leisurely walks, allowing expectant parents to soak in the historic architecture, vibrant street art, and panoramic views of the Tagus River.

Lisbon’s culinary scene adds to the allure, featuring delectable pastries like pastel de nata and a variety of fresh seafood. Expectant moms can indulge in romantic dinners at intimate local restaurants, savoring Portuguese flavors and enjoying the city’s warm hospitality.

The city’s hilly terrain is easily navigable by the iconic yellow trams or through serene walks in parks like Parque Eduardo VII, providing opportunities for gentle exercise. Additionally, Lisbon’s soothing climate, characterized by mild temperatures and ample sunshine, enhances the overall sense of relaxation – what expectant moms need the most.

Lisbon offers a wealth of museums, historic sites, and Fado music performances for cultural enrichment. Moms-to-be can explore landmarks like Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery, immersing themselves in the city’s rich history.

Lisbon’s proximity to coastal areas, such as Cascais and Sintra, enhances the relaxation, offering opportunities for relaxing days at the beach. 

5- Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda offers everything expectant moms need for a holiday. Home to picturesque towns like Sirmione and Malcesine, it provides a tranquil setting to relax and enjoy scenic boat rides and lakeside strolls, with breathtaking views of the Italian Alps in the backdrop.

The region’s Mediterranean climate, with mild temperatures and abundant sunshine, creates a pleasant atmosphere for pregnant women to unwind. Lake Garda’s charming villages offer a peaceful ambiance, ideal for a leisurely exploration of historic sites, local markets, and waterfront cafes, contributing to a sense of tranquillity and connection.

Expectant mothers can indulge in authentic Italian cuisine at lakeside restaurants for a delightful way to discover the region’s local flavors. Lake Garda’s proximity to vineyards and spa resorts further elevates the relaxation, allowing expectant mothers to enjoy prenatal wellness treatments in a serene environment. Thanks to Lake Garda’s blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and culinary delights, it offers the perfect setting for a memorable and rejuvenating babymoon.

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