112 Southern Baby Girl Names for Your Little Belle

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Looking for a distinct list of Southern baby girl names? Look no further! Southern names like Olivia and Emma are some of the most popular baby names in 2023. Yet, there are so many more authentic Southern girl names to choose from. Picking a name is one of the many things to do to prepare for baby and this list will help make that easier.

While you may have heard of some names on this list before, there are so many rare and unique names it would be hard to pick just one. So whether you are looking for something short and sweet or an elegant, formal name there is sure to be one on this list that you will love.

Finding the perfect baby name for your newborn can seem like an overwhelming task. There are so many different names to choose from and different ways of spelling a name and so forth. And your choice is something your child and you will have to live with for the rest of both your lives.

If you love the South or are just looking for some more baby names after places, this list is the place to look.

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Real Southern Baby Names for Girls

You’d be surprised how many Southern baby name lists are written by people who don’t even live in the South. Being a born and raised Southern, I want to share this list of REAL Southern names for girls. These are all names of actual people who live in the South and names that I’ve heard time and again being a Southerner.

So you can be assured you’ll find a good name for your Southern Baby on this list!


Anna – A highly popular name of Latin origin, having been used for centuries.

Amelia – It is an English-language variant of Amalia and ranked 3rd in most popular names in the southern states of Alabama, Arkansas, and Georgia.

Abby – Short for Abigail most commonly it is the perfect name for your little sunshine.

Alexandria – A name that despite the amount of cities named Alexandria has remained relatively uncommon.

Ashley – A gender-neutral name of Old English origin meaning ash tree meadow.

Adeline – A name of German origin that ranks high on any list of country names.

Ainsley – Another old English name with a meaning rooted in nature.

Annabelle – A classic Southern name.

Abita – A very rare name derived from the town Abita Springs in southeast Louisiana

Adriana – Also spelled Adrianna, is a Latin name that comes from present-day Italy and Spain.


Brooke – An adorable name that derives from the Middle English word bróc.

Beth – Short for Bethany.

Belle – A southern stable that will never go out of style.

Brittany – A name of French origin meaning “From Britain.”

Bre – Short for Brea it is a cute name for anyone searching for something simple and sweet.

Betsy – A variation on the Hebrew name Bethia, also could be short for Elizabeth.

Bonnie – Of Scottish origin meaning pretty.

Blanche – If looking for a less popular name that has been used by queens for hundreds of years this one is right for you.


Charlotte – From North Carolina to Louisiana, Charlotte has remained a widely popular name.

Clara – While it may be a bit more European than most names on this list it is still a dazzling southern name for your little one.

Catherine – Some cute nicknames for this one could be Cate, Catie, or Cat.

Camille – An adorable name especially if you like Cami for short.

Cindy – If you ever want to name your kid Cinderella this is a great short form.

Claire – Of French origin meaning bright and clear.

Caroline – A name that remained among popular choices for southern parents meaning free woman.

Claudette – A French name that falls into the category of all the other French names that end in ette.

Constance – An adorable name meaning steadfastness.

Corinne – Is a timeless name of French and Greek origins.


Daphne – Of Greek origin meaning Laurel Tree, also a little town on Mobile Bay in Alabama.

Desiree – One of many modern names making waves in the South.

Dolly – A short and sweet name that gained popularity in recent decades due to the country music singer Dolly Parton.

Dorothy – One of many traditional names that have beaten the test of time.

Dotty – Short for Dorothea, meaning gift of god.

Dauphine – Another cute French name.

Dixie – A classic southern girl name from the deep south state of Alabama’s nickname The Heart of Dixie.

Daisy – A beautiful floral name.


Evelyn – A greatly popular name from all over the United States.

Evangeline – Another name of Greek origin meaning Good News, also the name of a Parish in Louisiana.

Elodie – A musical name perfect for your new baby.

Eunice – A town in southwest Louisiana.

Elizabeth – A classic name meaning God’s Promise.

Ethel – Short for Etheldreda.

Edie – A short name of Edith, could be a standalone name too.

Evie – Pronounced Eh-Vie

Emma – The most popular name in Kentucky and a southern classic.


Frances – Quite literally meaning from France or Free one.

Feliciana – Meaning Lucky.


Gabrielle – A great nickname would be Gabby.

Georgia – A incredibly popular southern baby girl name.


Hazel – A classic English name for those who love nature.

Holly – Another beautiful nature-themed name.

Harper – A cute musical name meaning harpist.

Henriette – An elegant name perfect for the little princess in your life. Another variation is Henrietta.

Harriet – Another classic, the German version of Henriette.

Haylie – A flowery name with a variety of different ways to spell it, from Hailey, Hallie to Heylie.


Ida – A beautiful, sweet name for your little one.


Julia – A sophisticated name with a history dating back to the Romans.

Juliet – Of English and French origins it has found increasing popularity in modern times.

Jennifer – A modern take on the name Guinevere it has become quite common throughout the South.

Jeannette – A lovely name for your little girl of French and Hebrew origin.


Kitty – Meaning pure and clean.

Katrina – Most may think of the Hurricane but Katrina is still a beautiful name of Scandinavian origins.


Laurel – A refreshing name meaning bay tree.

Louise – A cute name of german french origins.

Lucinda – Meaning shining light it is a beautiful and original name.

Lexie – A cute name for anyone’s little star.

Lillian – A great short name would be Lilly.

Lucille – Once number 27th on the popular names list of 1919 it has now faded into a beautiful rare name.

Leah – A delicate name that can be spelled in all sorts of ways.

Laura – An adorable name with only the short name Laurie being cuter.

Lindy – A pet name of Linda.

Lizzy – Having spiked in popularity in recent years Lizzy remains a beautiful name for your Southern baby.


May May – Can also be spelled as Mae Mae

Mandy – Meaning Love able, could be short for Amanda.

Marion – A French name meaning Star of the Sea.

Meredith – A name with Welsh origins meaning great ruler.

Mindy – An American name it has commonly been used as a nickname for Melinda but has become popular as a full name.

Madison – There are a variety of ways to spell and shorten the name such as Maddison or Maddie.

Myrtle – Originally gaining popularity in the 1850s this name has tons of old southern charm.

Mia – The 2nd most popular girl’s name in Texas just behind Emma

Marie – A tried and true name that will never lose its charm.

Melaine – A musical name of Greek origin.

Marybeth – means “star of the sea”, it’s been a popular Southern name for ages.


Natalie – this has long been a popular name in the South that comes from English and French origins meaning “birth of the Lord”.

Neely – Meaning Champion and a town in Mississippi.


Olivia – One of the most popular names in the south and number one for the whole country.


Paisley – This beautiful up-and-coming name would be lovely for your little girl.

Pearl – A Latin name meaning Precious.

Polly – After spending years as a pet name for Molly and Mary, Polly has found its way into the spotlight as a timeless name for your little one.

Patty – Short for Patricia the name means Noble and is also quite popular in Ireland.


Roxie – A Persian name meaning Dawn, Roxie is commonly a shortened form of Roxana or Roxanne.

Rose – A timeless name, an alternative name could also be Rosa.

Rachel – A lovely name dating back thousands of years.

Ruth – A name of Hebrew origin with everlasting beauty.

Razelle – Here’s one you’ve never heard of before, the name means little lamb and is an extremely rare name.

Ruby – A Latin name meaning red.


Sadie – A sweet name meaning Princess.

Savannah – A cute name commonly associated with the coastal city in Georgia.

Scarlett – Popularized in the South by the protagonist in Margaret Mitchell’s novel Gone With The Wind.

Sarah – A classic name also meaning Princess.

Sally – Another Hebrew name meaning Princess.

Sabine – A lovely name derived from the Sabine people who lived in the Apennine mountains of Italy before the Romans came to be. Also a parish in Louisiana.

Summer – A bright name for your little girl.


Taylor – A name that has been gaining increasing popularity across the United States.

Tammy – A British name meaning Palm Tree.


Ursuline – A Scandinavian name meaning little Bear.


Varina – A name you’ve probably never heard of, it is a Slavic name and highly unique.

Virginia – You can’t leave Virginia off a Southern baby name list.

Vicky – Meaning Victory, it is often a short form of Victoria.


Willow – A graceful name for your little beacon of sunshine.

Waverly – A English name meaning Meadow of Quivering Aspens.

Whitney – Meaning White Island or White Water, Whitney is an elegant name for your newborn.

So which is your favorite Southern Baby Name for girls? Share with us in the comments below!

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