Positive Birth Stories for Every Woman

This is a collection of links to positive birth stories. Oral tradition and storytelling was an integral part of birth preparation for our ancestors. Women passed on their knowledge and childbirth experiences to the younger generation in hopes of guiding, inspiring and remembering.

I loved reading and listening to natural birth stories during my pregnancies. It helped me feel connected to other women and learn that there are so many ways to achieve a natural birth.

Each and Every Birth is Unique

Through reading birth stories I gained a tremendous amount of respect for all the mothers of the world. We are each on our own journey of discovery. We can learn so much about the birth process through listening and reading the experiences of other mothers.

No matter how you choose to birth, or where you choose to birth, birth stories can provide you with inspiration and motivation to achieve the birth you want.

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Positive Birth Stories for Every Woman - Print + Audio Natural Birth Stories - BirthEatLove.com
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Positive Birth Stories Collection

Here you will find a collection of birth stories from Moms all over the world. There are homebirth stories, hospital birth stories, birth center birth stories, unassisted birth stories, and water birth stories.  There are easy labors, longs labors, and difficult labors described on the journey to childbirth. Each shares a beautiful perspective and can help shed some light on what you can expect during labor and what it is like to have a baby.

Under a variety of circumstances these amazing ladies were able to have positive birth experiences. And you can too! Learn how to start a healthy pregnancy routine here!

Read these…

The Birth Story of Baby Violet – A Christian Water Birth 

Mother’s Naturally – Collection of birth Stories

The Birth Story of Finley Nathaniel {Planned Homebirth, Unplanned Unassisted}

Birth Story of Sybil | When Instincts Replace Doubt

Quick Home Water Birth

Jennifer Griffin – A Homebirth Story

Positive Birth Stories – Natural Earthy Mama

110 Positive Natural Birth Stories -Collection of Birth Stories

Kaden’s Home Birth

Savanna Zoe’s Bradley Method Birthing Center Birth

All Natural Hospital Birth – Real Food RN

Hypnobirth Water Birth Story

Wellness Mama – Breech Water Birth

A Homebirth Story – Christmas Surprise

A Birth Photographer’s Birth Story

Blushing Mama – Camila’s Birth Story {Induced, No Epidural}

The Birth of Nella Cordelia

128 Honest Natural Birth Stories – Birth Stories Collection from Natural Birth and Baby Care

Mommypotomus – Winter Solstice Water Birth

The Best of Baby – International Birth Stories Collection

A Birth Story with the Farm Midwives

Sharing Joy| Welcoming Grae {Video}

My Second Birth Story – Detoxinista

The Home Birth of Our Rainbow Baby – Mama Serendipity 

They started the Pitocin at 1:15pm – Cole’s Crossing

Story of Bristol Kaye 

Preparing for Labor and Delivery – Alli’s Birth Story from Mom Smart Not Hard

Trina’s Birth Story from Mom Smart Not Hard

Listen to these…

Tora’s Fearless Birth Story from Sweden from Fear Free ChildBirth Podcast

Belah’s Positive Birth Story from Fear Free ChildBirth Podcast

Sadie’s Water Birth from Natural Birth and Baby Care Podcast

Surprise Homebirth in Japan + Great Hospital Birth  from the Birth Hour Podcast


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Reading positive birth stories is one of the best ways to prepare for natural childbirth. Read over 20 birth stories! #birthstory

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