12 Easy Soups For Pregnancy

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Are you looking for an easy and healthy meal while pregnant? These soups for pregnancy make a perfect nourishing meal.

There’s already a lot of focus and emphasis on eating right during the pregnancy period, and if you’re an expecting mother, you know that already. But the thing is, pregnancy also comes with a lot of hormonal changes, physical changes, and mood swings, not to mention exhaustion and low energy levels. 

And that’s when putting together a healthy, home cooked meal can seem like a big task.

If you can resonate, here’s a bit of help your way. Read on for a carefully curated list of some of the best soups for pregnancy that take just minutes to put together. 

And while you are here make sure to check out all our healthy pregnancy recipes to get you through every trimester!

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Why Soup for Pregnancy?

There are quite a few easy and pregnancy-friendly recipes out there; so why soup during pregnancy – you might ask. The thing is, soups need minimal kitchen time and ingredients to put together, and are a great way to get a myriad of nutrients into your body without putting in a lot of effort. 

Many moms have some common nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy. Eating nourishing meals like soup is a good way to get these extra nutrients needed to grow a baby and have a healthy pregnancy.

Soups can also be very filling, depending on what you add to them. They’re super versatile too, which means you can experiment with the ingredients and the flavors based on your personal preference.

Plus, soups can also help you replenish your body fluids in a natural, effortless way. And if that’s not all, there’s nothing like a bowl of warm, flavorful soup to beat the blues- it is the ultimate comfort food you can never go wrong with. 

It’s even an amazingly nourishing meal for breastfeeding too. Make sure to check out and save these lactation soup recipes for once your baby arrives.

A few tips for picking the best pregnancy soup recipe

Here are a few of the best tips for healthy pregnancy soups:

  • Pick recipes that are made with real foods and clean ingredients – no not everything has to be organic! (Read this interview with nutritionist Lily Nichols on Pregnancy diet) But choose ingredients with little to no preservatives.
  • Maximize the pregnancy superfoods – soup is so versatile and easy to boost nutritionally. Try adding bone broth instead of stock for extra nutrients. Other easy additions are seaweed, kale, spinach, and coconut milk.
  • Make your own – most store bought soup is loaded with preservatives and additives to give it a long shelf life. With an instant pot or slow cooker it is too easy to whip up a batch of soup with real ingredients that is way better than canned soup.

If you are really pinched for time, in the 1st trimester and sick all time, are on bed rest, or just have no energy to cook at the end of the day, it’s ok! You have a few options.

You can get someone to make one of these recipes below for you, OR you can order some of these CLEAN pre made soups that just need to be reheated. It can really be a lifesaver when you just need to eat and need a nourishing meal.

We’ve made it easy for you and vetted a few really good pregnancy soup recipes for you below that are all EASY to make and have clean ingredients.

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Best Soups for Pregnancy

You might find a ton of different soup recipes out there, but when it comes to making soups for pregnancy, the focus should be more on adding the most nutritionally dense foods.

This little list has just that- delicious soup recipes that can be crafted in your Instant Pot or your slow cooker, and are so flavorful and delicious, you’ll find yourself making them again and again.

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