Soup in Pregnancy

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Best Soups for


Vegetable soups are one of the best soups for pregnancy. They  give you a good dose of all the important nutrients that your body needs and are full of fiber.

Vegetable Soup


Lentil soup is another satisfying soup recipe you definitely need to try your hands at. It takes just 30 minutes to get ready and is high in protein.

Lentil Soup


Chicken soup is a delicious and nutritious comfort food meal for pregnancy. It's loaded with nutrients to grow a healthy baby.

Chicken Soup During Pregnancy


Slow cooked beef has extra glycine, which is needed during pregnancy. Load up on a nutrient dense meal with beef soup.  

Beef Soup for Pregnancy


The humble potato is actually one of the best foods for pregnancy. Making potato soup is a great way to get all it's benefits. 

Potato Soup in Pregnancy

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