Birth Affirmation for when Labor is looming

Birth Affirmation for When Labor is Looming

The last few weeks of pregnancy are probably the hardest. Everything is swelling. There are a hundred little pieces to put in order before baby arrives. As baby’s due date approaches, and sometimes passes, the waiting and anticipation can become down right unbearable. What’s the best way to calm the mind? Use birth affirmations when labor is looming!

Birth affirmations can be a very helpful tool to ease the anxiety and fears that pop up when labor is looming. Repeating birth affirmation help to refocus the mind on the positive and build a sense of belief in what is possible.

How to Use Birth Affirmations

Anytime a negative thought in regard to yourself or your ability to birth pops up into your head, gently correct yourself by turning the statement positive and repeating your affirmation.

Practice calm breathing (yoga breathing) while repeating the affirmation for as long as you like. Affirmations can also be incorporated into a mediation practice, or just repeated on an as needed basis throughout your day.

Another powerful way to use birth affirmations is to repeat your affirmation first thing upon waking and last thing before sleep.

Print out your birth affirmations cards and place them where you can see them. Make a banner or save them as wallpaper on your phone!

Birth affirmations are a useful reminder to stay positive as labor is looming.

Birth Affirmation for when Labor is Looming

Say this affirmation – My baby will arrive at the perfect time! 

Birth Affirmation for when Labor is looming

Have you ever waited for a cake to finish baking? If you wait until just the right moment, without opening the oven due to over excitement, that cake will come out just right.

Waiting for baby’s arrival is kinda the same. Calm your mind. It can be hard, but know that he/she will come when they are ready. At just the right moment!

They are just in there finishing up their work in there and soaking up all your nutrients! (lol)

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We would love to hear from you! What’s the hardest part of waiting for baby? What’s your favorite affirmation? Tell us in the comments below!

Free Birth Affirmations

Birth affirmations printable  labor looming edition (small)

Download your free printable birth affirmations to help keep your mind focused during pregnancy and childbirth. Birth Affirmations are a great tool to help YOU achieve a natural childbirth.

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