Best Grilling Recipes for Easy Summer Meals on the Grill

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The warm weather is here which means it is time to bring out your best grill recipes to enjoy the outdoors and Summer season with friends and family.

Naturally sweetened with fresh fruits and vegetables, these healthy grilling recipes are easy to make and delicious. You won’t find any added sugars or processed foods in these tasty grilled mains and sides.

There are plenty of grilling ideas listed here that are great for any occasion, celebration, or when you want easy summer dinner recipes made on the grill. Whether you’re enjoying some time outdoors with the family or are planning a BBQ party, these barbecue recipes will bring some flavor to the table.

You’ll find a great assortment of the best grilling recipes that are:

  1. clean eating friendly
  2. family-friendly
  3. easy to make
  4. good recipes for Summer parties and backyard BBQs.

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Why You’ll Love These Healthy Grilling Recipes

  • So Easy – nothing beats easy meals on the grill. Just season everything up and then sit back while it cooks.
  • Variety – this list includes grilling recipes with meat, seafood, and veggies so you can please everyone and have options for main dishes and side dishes.
  • New ideas – grilling isn’t just for meat main courses – you can grill veggies, seafood, and even fruit. You can make all kinds of meals on the grill you may have never thought of like sandwiches, tacos, and salads!
  • Clean & healthy – the great thing about these grilling recipes is they are generally healthy with simple clean ingredients
  • Great for Parties – Summer parties with grilled food are the best. You’ll find lots of ideas for casual get-togethers and even 4th of July BBQ parties!

What to Serve with Grilled Food

Here’s a few ideas for what to serve alongside your grilled meals!

  1. Fun Summer Drinks – non-alcoholic drinks made with real fruit and no sugar. Great for kids and adults!
  2. Healthy Summer Snacks – while the food is grilling up, serve up one of these dips or healthy treats.
  3. Patriotic Desserts – and finish it up with one of these tasty red, white, and blue desserts just for fun!

Favorite Grilling Recipes

This is my handpicked list of the BEST grill recipes out there!

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1- Grilled Ribeye Steak

Nothing screams grilling like a good steak dinner. Learn an easy method to get the perfect grilled ribeye at home. Serve this with the next recipe 😉

2- Parmesan Grilled Veggie Sticks

Cut some peppers and veggies into sticks, season them with parmesan and simple spices, and then cook them on the grill until perfectly tender. So easy and so good!

3- Grilled Halibut with Peach Salsa

You have to try fish on the grill! Halibut is lightly grilled and served with a homemade peach salsa that adds some sweetness to it. You can even change up the salsa by using mango or pineapple in exchange for the peaches.

4- Chicken Souvlaki

Mediterranean flavors are all the rage and this is a great recipe to learn to make. Grill up some chicken souvlaki with a squeeze of lemon and you have an easy and flavorful dish. These chicken skewers are marinaded in red wine vinegar that is packed with flavor and keeps the chicken tender and moist.

5- Grilled Boneless Chicken Thighs

This easy grill recipe is sure to be a new family favorite. It’s super flavorful and cooks up fast. Try this grilled boneless chicken thighs recipe for quick weeknight dinners and weekly meal prep.

6- Grilled Salmon Burgers

A simple but deliciously good grilling recipe is these grilled salmon burgers. This salmon recipe is the star of the show for BBQ parties and can be served for lunch or dinner.

7- Mediterranean Grilled Salmon Kabobs

Kabobs are always a hit when it comes to grilling and these Mediterranean grilled salmon kabobs won’t disappoint. The salmon and veggie skewers are a perfect combination when seasoned with fresh oregano, lemon, and a bit of garlic.

8- Grilled Tri-Tip

Use your favorite steak rub or seasoning blend and grill up a nice lean tri-tip roast for dinner. Pair it with your favorite grilled or non-grilled veggies, a salad, or your favorite side.

9- Grilled Lobster Tail

Made with a flavorful lemon garlic butter sauce, which also makes the perfect dipping sauce for the lobster, these tails take less than 30 minutes from start to finish and are one of the best ways to prepare lobster. This is a classy recipe to serve for 4th of July BBQ parties too!

10- Jumbo Shrimp

If you are looking for easy, this is the best recipe. Season some jumbo shrimp with fresh herbs, garlic, and lemon juice and you have a delicious summer grilling recipe that you can enjoy with friends and family.

11 – Avocadoes Stuffed with Veggie Quinoa

Here’s a flavorful easy side dish that you can enjoy this summer on the hot grill. These grilled avocadoes are stuffed with a flavorful vegetable quinoa.

12 – Rockfish Tacos

Fish tacos on the grill are the best. In this recipe, rockfish is marinated in a simple lime marinade to give it more flavor and then grilled in just the perfect way. Top the tacos with a homemade cucumber slaw or avocado sauce.

13 – Grilled Bok Choy

Bok Choy is a healthy veggie that’s packed full of nutrients and plenty of flavor. This delightful recipe of grilled bok choy takes it up just a notch by adding a sweet chili sauce. If you can’t find a good healthy chili sauce, you can make your own by mixing coconut aminos and garlic.

14 – Grilled Mango Chicken

Enjoy a tropical dinner at home with this grilled mango chicken recipe. The juicy flavorful chicken breast is topped with a homemade mango salsa that elevates the flavors of the chicken and brings a little sweetness to the dish.

15 – Grape Salad

Grilled grapes are the star of this filling salad and combine sweet and savory flavors for a delicious dinner idea. Serve with a maple Dijon dressing or dressing of your choice, and you have a tasty and unique grilled salad.

16 – Venison Backstrap

If you are lucky enough to have some venison in the freezer, try this one. Season venison with a little bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper, and then toss on the grill to reach your desired doneness. It’s an easy grilling recipe that’s versatile and delicious with its smoky flavor.

17 – Grilled Chicken Wings

Just a few simple ingredients are all you need to make these delicious grilled chicken wings. They take just about 15 minutes on the grill and are perfect for summer with a side of bbq sauce.

So which is your favorite grilling recipe? Try any of these? Share in the comments below!

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