One Piece of Advice for New Moms

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Being a new mom is challenging. There is so much well meaning advice for new moms out there. This is one piece of advice for new moms that can help you find your way.

So many times in my motherhood… almost 13 years now, I have tried to think my way to a solution with my children. “Wrap my head” around the problem and logically (I mean google search) come to the “best” solution.

But this my friends, isn’t the way.

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Advice for New Moms from a Mama of 5

Remember that feeling the very first time you felt your baby kick inside you?

Yes that moment that you FELT that sensation. You’d known in your head that you were pregnant way before that. All the signs were there. But it was at that very moment that you believed it and fully understood that it was real.

If I had to give one piece of advice for new moms it would be this:

Feel it, don’t think it.

Each and every mama has to find her way. Feel your way to it.

Find those moments in your day – if even for 1 minute here and there- to breathe it all in.

Drop the plan, the schedule and breathe.

Feel your heart beating. Feel your child’s soft hair against your face. Feel their little fingers grasping yours for support.

There are times when you will be shaken to your core. When you will want to curl in a ball and cry.

But never forget that feeling – the moment you first held your child, when your heart opened larger than you ever knew possible.

Keep going. Keep growing. Give yourself grace.

You know instinctually what is right for you, your child and your family. And all the Google searches and well meaning Pinterest boards aren’t going to change that.

The importance of self care for New Moms

So in order to tap into the place where you can feel and hear that inner voice/intuition you have to take care of yourself. That means:

  • thinking positively
  • drinking water
  • eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day
  • meditating or praying
  • a little exercise
  • gratitude practice
  • prioritizing sleep

Each one of these practices helps you to be well and at your best so that you can tap into your inner intuition. They go together synergistically to help you achieve balance.

And that’s what’s going to help you be the mom and women you want to be.

I know what you are thinking- this sounds like a lot, you don’t have time. Don’t worry I have got your back. I created a checklist that follows the flow of your day and let’s you know what to do when.

>>>Download your checklist here<<<

And here’s the thing- put your face mask on first. You are the foundation. With out you, mama none of the other stuff goes together. Taking care of yourself, building up your foundation, has to be the basis so that you can take care of that baby and all the people you love.

Believe in yourself Mama! You got this!




So what’s your biggest challenge right now as a new mom? What’s your best advice for new moms? Let us know what you think down below in the comments!


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