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The time after having a baby is so precious. Here you will find resources for preparing for the realities of postpartum, tips for breastfeeding and healing your body after childbirth. Take time to rest and recover during what many Moms call the 4th trimester.


Preparing Your Fridge for Postpartum

One of the most over looked areas of preparing for postpartum is figuring out what you are going to eat in the days and weeks after having a baby. It can relieve so much postpartum stress if you stock your fridge BEFORE your baby arrives!

The following posts focus on stocking healthy foods that will help your recover faster from childbirth and build a quality milk supply for breastfeeding. 

Breastfeeding Tips

Getting ready for breastfeeding? These posts can help!

Healing After Childbirth

The best natural healing tips for recovering after childbirth!

If you are still preparing for postpartum, make sure to sign up below to join the Birth Eat Love Community and get your Postpartum Prep List. It is a short list of items to have on hand for labor and immediately after birth. 

Postpartum Resources

Already had your baby? These are some of my favorite resources for postpartum Moms!

  • The Ebook – Healing Freezer Meals for Postpartum and Breastfeeding is a basic guide to preparing frozen crock pot meals.  The recipes in the book are specifically designed for aiding in recovering postpartum and building a quality breast milk supply. It features 12 recipes all containing anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense ingredients. This quick and easy guide is perfect for busy moms who don’t want to worry about cooking! Get your copy clicking here.
  • The Postpartum Cure is a comprehensive online program for Moms who want to get back in shape after having a baby without losing their milk supply! This course combines workout videos with sensible healthy eating advice to help you start feeling like yourself again. It includes an amazing 21 day meal plan with recipes featuring nutrient dense foods. Plus baby and mom workouts, tons of tips and a handy app to make it even more convenient!  Find out how to join here. 

Avoid being a hot mess after having your baby

Get Your Postpartum Prep List! This 1-page checklist has over 17 items to get now so that you are ready for a stress-free postpartum!

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