Birth Affirmations Delivered

  • Inspiration and Motivation for Your Positive Birth Experience

This 14 Day program is designed to help you loose the worry and find your confidence to birth.

Each day you will receive a beautiful birth affirmation image that you can print, save to your photo library or as a wallpaper. There will also be a short daily lesson included.

birth affirmations delivered to your inbox

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool for preparing the mind for labor.

Why? Because words and thoughts create our beliefs.


The lessons are designed to build upon one another – giving you the tools you need to handle any emotion and situation that arises during childbirth.


Day 1-4 Focuses on building the foundation of belief.

Day 5-11 Focuses on easing the mind and encouraging the body as labor approaches

Day 12-14 Gives you the tools to keep your composure during labor


birth affirmations course

Who is this program for?

Pregnant women who want to prepare their mind and spirit for labor.

Women who feel anxious, worried or fearful of birth.


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