Best  Lactation Oatmeal Cookies

for breastfeeding moms

Did you know?

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You can make homemade lactation cookies to help milk supply

Lactation Cookies

make great snack while breastfeeding

Uses unique blend of foods that increase milk supply

Reduced Sugar

Dairy free + gluten free

What makes these the BEST Lactation cookies?

Use clean ingredients that are breastfeeding friendly

Tip #1

Use Milk Boosters - ingredients that increase milk supply 

Tip #2

Use an electric mixer - so much faster and smoother batter!

Tip #3

Use a cookie scoop to make the perfect size

Tip #4

Enjoy with a cup of lactation tea for the perfect afternoon breastfeeding snack!

Tip #5

Need more milk boosting recipes?

Pink Blob

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