Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

High Protein + Low Sugar

Need  no guilt  snack ideas

to fuel you through pregnancy?

What makes a good pregnancy snack?

Low Sugar

Has some protein

Nutrient Dense


to feed the bump



types of Healthy


Keeping your blood sugar balanced is important during pregnancy. Eating low glycemic fruits can be good choices for keeping gestational diabetes under control.

Low glycemic fruit


Boost your protein and get extra energy with these high protein snacks for pregnancy.

High Protein Snacks


Have low iron levels during pregnancy? Boost your body and avoid pregnancy anemia with these iron rich snack ideas.

Iron Rich Pregnancy Snacks


It takes lots of nutrients to grow a healthy baby. Try some snack ideas have a variety of nutrients and superfoods to help you grow a healthy baby.

Nutrient Dense Snacks


Healthy fats are needed in extra doses while pregnant. Snacks with healthy fats can help to boost your DHA and Omega 3’s.

Healthy Fat Snacks

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