For Breastfeeding Moms

Food to  Avoid while breastfeeding

That Might Surprise You

These are some of the foods NOT to eat while breastfeeding. 

Not every baby will be affected by these foods, so it's important to pay attention to your baby, their symptoms and only eliminate if you see problems.


Can cause:

diaper rash acid reflux




Can Cause:

colic eczema  sleep issues

Try our Dairy FREE breastfeeding meal plan for ideas what to eat while eliminating foods to avoid.

Wheat flour  & Gluten

Can Cause:

Inflammation for Mom digestive upset for baby


Common Herbs

Can Cause:

Decrease breast milk supply


certain cruciferous vegetables

Can Cause:

Gas in babies


more on the Foods to  avoid when breastfeeding

So what can you eat while breastfeeding?

Visit  Birth Eat Love for ideas on what to eat while breastfeeding!