Black Friday Deals for Pregnancy, Mom + Baby

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It’s time for the biggest shopping day of the year. We have some of the best Black Friday Deals for pregnancy, mom and baby in 2019. Many of these deals are good all the way through Cyber Monday.

Our focus here is on deals that can help you prepare for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and motherhood. As well as resources to help make Mom life easier. These are some of our favorite online courses and ebooks just for Moms. Plus some great deals from Amazon and our favorite partners. 

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Black Friday Deals for Pregnant Moms

Belly only Pregnancy – this is one of my favorite programs for staying fit during pregnancy. It includes workout plans for each trimester and a meal plan. I think doing the pelvic floor exercises recommended in this program really helped me prevent diastasis recti this last pregnancy and recover faster postpartum.

Get 30% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY2

Mommy Labor Nurse – has a bunch of great courses that are all on sale for 30% off that includes this highly rated, super affordable natural birth class.

Make sure to use the code BLACKFRIDAY on any of the courses (active all weekend, and until end of the day on Cyber Monday).

And just for Black Friday, she is offering a great bundle of her Pregnancy Cookbook and Breastfeeding Cookbook. Which include 2 week meal plans with grocery list to make healthy eating easier! Check that out here (discount already included)!

Preparing for Baby Black Friday Deals

Baby Sleep – If you missed it last week, the baby sleep course from Mommy Labor Nurse is still on sale. It’s 30% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY. Seriously a good one if you are a first time Mom!

Get the baby sleep course HERE

Breastfeeding Courses from Milkology – These courses are great for first time breastfeeding Moms OR for Moms who want to pump like a pro. This are super helpful for getting the basics, plus includes some priceless tips from a lactation consultant on how to start off right from the start.

30% off discount for ALL Milkology classes until Sunday with the code BLACKFRIDAY30


Get the Ultimate Breastfeeding Course HERE

Get the Back to Work Pumping Course HERE – a must for Moms going back to work! It tells you how to get your freezer stash started and helpful tips for managing life as a working-pumping Mama.

Get the Exclusive Pumping Course HERE – going to just pump? This class is for you! It’s the only one out there that offers help for Moms who exclusively pump.


Deals for Postpartum Moms

Mommy Labor Nurse –  Breastfeeding Cookbook is also 30% off. The awesome part is it has a 2 week meal plan and grocery shopping list to help make healthy eating easier.

The Postpartum Cure – This is an awesome program for getting back in shape after baby. It also includes a 21 day meal plan and accountability with a FB group of wonderful Mamas for support and motivation.

Get 30% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY2 

Milk Dust – This is my favorite go-to milk boosting protein powder. I’m totally loving it. You can read my full product review here.

Get 10% off plus free shipping with the code: BLACKFRIDAY 


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